10 Practical Tips Which Impact the Resale Value of a Car

In the United States, resale car market is a big bazaar. Given the mind-boggling choice of car makers and models that typically folks use a new car for an average of 3 years and less, before selling it for a brand new car or the latest offering from the myriad car manufactures. Given the country’s status as the largest single market for automobiles, a bevy of car makers from Asia, Europe, South America and of course the mainland US vie with each other for a share of the lucrative American market.

Given the fact that a typical customer sells his brand new car after using it for 3 years on an average, the resale value of the old car assumes importance. The resale value of a car depends on a host of factors, such as the Make & Model, year of manufacture, miles driven, condition of the car, etc. Getting a good selling price or value of the old car ensures that, a customer can invest in a costlier car. In the state of Ohio, car dealership in Mason, Ohio is famous for providing good bargains. Another renowned dealer is a Chevrolet dealer in Cincinnati Ohio where one can look for good bargains.

Given below are 10 tips which have an impact on the car’s value

No Fancy Accessories

Accessories which would be evaluated at the time of the resale of the car. Bed liner, bumpers at the front and the rear, enhance the value of the car. Costly stereo equipment, GPS, back view camera are looked upon as electronic gizmos, which do not really enhance the car’s value in the eyes of the prospective buyer.

Don’t over stress the engine

Proper towing parameters for the car are to be followed assiduously, otherwise over time over towing would stress out the engine and could lead to costly repairs when planning to sell off the car.

Avoid accidents

Accidents are to be avoided at all cost not only from the safety point of view, but also negatively impact the resale value of the car. Even scratches and minor dents can cause the price to plunge.

Car Color

The color of the car also has an impact on the resale value. For instance a black car in a warm state like Arizona might not fetch as much as a light color would.

Seasonal Demand

Seasonal demand is also a factor one needs to take into account while selling the old car. There is a demand for convertibles in summer than in any other season. 4X4’s sell better in winter than in any other season. So wait till the right season for selling the old car for the best value.

Meter reading

The number of miles a car has travelled has an impact on the resale value. When planning a long trip, then it is advisable to use a rental car than one’s own, particularly if one is in the habit of resale periodically.

Regular Service and Maintenance

Records of service and maintenance are also important from the point of view of the buyer. Proper maintenance of records shows the importance attached to keeping the car in shipshape and for this the buyer would be willing to pay more.

Avoiding drinking, smoking and eating

Drinking and driving is not advised, but drinking, smoking and eating in the car also lead to the ruination of the interior appearance of the car, thereby lowering its value.

Rusty Exteriors

Rust is an enemy of the car. If living near the sea, it is advisable to wash the vehicle frequently to wash away the salt deposits accumulated in the car.

Proper storage

Proper storage of the car is also advisable. Excessive sun can fade the paint, trim and moldings on the car. Similarly harsh winters can play havoc with the interior engine components of the car. So storing a car in a garage preferably at a constant temperature is advised.

From the practical point of view the aforementioned tools are important for a typical owner of a car in the United States of America.



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