2014 Mercedes S class

These are the first non camouflage pictures of interior and exterior of the new Mercedes Benz S Class. One of the most anticipated new products of automobile industry for the year 2013 is the flagship, Mercedes-Benz S Class sedan(code name W222). Official launch will be held on May 15, 2013 at a special event in Hamburg, and the world premiere is expected to be at Frankfurt motor show in September, 2013. Compared to its predecessor it is now much sleeker and is light weight.

The new images show that the new S-class is perfectly the design for new generation, a generation in which we find ourselves, leading to a new dimension, features and lines resembles the previous launched Mercedes E-Class and Mercedes CLA. It has an imposing design that runs front the front and falls as it approches the rear. The radiator grille is enlarged, head optics has beautiful curves LED taillights reduced in size. Re design elements are more evolutionary, but most of them compliments the looks of car.

The Mercedes new S class is based on a new modular platform with upgraded engines. The engine line-up will include gasoline V6, V8 and V12 and diesel V6 and V8. A hybrid engine will also be available. It is also assumed that S class will be equipped with nine speed automatic gearbox to achieve better fuel economy.

Interiors are completely new with innovative and improved features including massage seats, indirect ambience lightning and fragrance bottle in the glove compartment. It has a relax atmosphere inside with Optional reclining seats with a maximum of 43.5 degree angle from which the full entertainment system is available via large screens. The new audio system in the luxury sedan comes from the German brand Burmester which also provide audio systems for Porsche and Bugatti.

Like previous models, the new S class W222 will set new standard in automobile safety. Some feature available are perimeter sensors, cameras and radar designed to prevent accidents and advance intelligent drive system. Also on offer are inflatable seat belts, automatic LED optics which can adjust its brightness according to the time of day and traffic conditions.

Mercedes will offer new S-class in five different models, a normal version followed by two extended versions, a coupe and finally a cabrio. The long base version of new S class will be called Pullman and company has specially developed this model to fulfill the gap of discontinued Maybach.

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