2014 Porsche Macan caught without any camouflage

Porsche has developed Macan SUV to genarate more sales for the company. The latest vehicle from Porsche got caught virtually with no camouflage. From the picture, it can be spotted that front and rear headlights are covered with false panels but it does not spoil the overall impression of the vehicle. The premiere of the new crossover will take place in November at Los Angeles auto show. Porsche Macan will be available in Showrooms early next year. Porsche aims to sell around seventy five thousand units of Macan in the first year of its debut.

It is already known to us that Macan is based on Audi Q5, but it will be considerably light due to extensive use of Aluminum. Macan will be the first car in modern history of Porsche to receive four cylinder engine. The four cylinder engine however will not debut before year 2015. Among the first engines to debut in Macan will be 3.0 liter V6 developing 295 hp. Also available are diesel 3.0 liter TDI(250 hp) as well as 2.0 liter TDI(190 hp) and gasoline 3.0 liter(370 hp) alongwith 2.0 liter(220 hp). The top of the line will be bi-turbo V6 producing 400 hp. Each models will be equipped with All-Wheel drive system and PDK gearbox carried from Porsche 911. The starting price for Porsche Macan SUV is expected to be 50,000 US dollars.

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Porsche Macan


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