All new 2016 Opel Astra

2016 Opel Astra is new from inside out. The overall dimensions are reduced, yes you heard it right. The length is reduced by 490 mm and wheelbase is 200 mm shorter. A new model will be shorter than its predecessor, is something of a trend with Opel. Company official states that reduction is in line with company core values.»It’s all about efficiency. A car should weigh as little as possible and be as economical as possible, says one senior official of the company». Opel Astra is a completely new car compared to its predecessor. The biggest change is the model is weight reduction. The new car is 200 kilograms lighter than the outgoing model. The main reason for weight reduction is due to use of new lighter materials in body construction. The new exhaust system is 45 kg(9.92 lbs) lighter than the previous model. Overall the new Opel Astra is lighter, Shorter from outside and bigger from inside. The interior feels significantly lavish. Despite the length reduction, the interior is still better than its predecessor. The car feels spacious in front and back. The rear legroom is expanded by 350 mm and front passengers will get an extra 220 mm of space. High-quality fabrics are used and the dashboard looks distinctly modern with standard touch- screen infotainment system. The broken third roof pillar creates an illusion of a sloping roofline which is not true in reality. The ceiling height is good in back seats and it provide ample of headroom for rear passengers.

The new Astra is available in three equipment levels: Essentia, Enjoy and Dynamic. Almost all models have safety equipment standard with auto brake, adaptive cruise control and license plate recognition. A major new feature is the adaptive main beam that automatically tailors the headlight beam pattern depending on the environment and traffic. Opel Eye camera in the windscreen scans the traffic picture in front of the Astra and using that information, the LEDs in the headlights switched on and off accordingly. Three petrol(gasoline) and three diesel engines will be available at its launch. All top end engines can be opted for both automatic and manual transmissions. The entry level will be available with a manual gearbox only. The price for all new Opel Astra will start from 17,000 euros. It will be available in Europe early November.

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