5 Signs That You Need a Comprehensive UK Car Insurance Policy

When you start shopping around for a new UK car insurance policy, one of the first decisions that you will have to make is what kind of cover you want to buy. There are three types of cover to choose from, and these include Third Party Only, Third Party Fire and Theft, and Comprehensive. Of the three options, Comprehensive insurance provides the most significant benefits, but it is also the most expensive policy. You may be wondering if it is in your best interest to pay for this policy or opt for a more affordable type of cover. Here are five signs that you need to purchase a Comprehensive policy.

1. You Don’t Have Another Car to Drive After an Accident

A Comprehensive UK car insurance policy that provides you with a courtesy car or car hire after an accident. If you and your spouse can share another family vehicle for a few days or weeks while your own car is being repaired, a courtesy car may not be essential. If you will need car hire after an accident, you can purchase Comprehensive cover so that this expense does not come out of your own pocket.

2. Your Transport Expensive Items In Your Car

Comprehensive insurance is also the only option available that provides you with cover for personal property inside the vehicle. You may transport expensive electronic equipment, such as your laptop computer or musical instruments for the band you play in. If you would experience financial loss if these items were stolen or damaged in an accident, you may benefit from a Comprehensive policy.

3. Your Vehicle Is New or Expensive

Third Party Only cover only pays for expenses related to damage you cause to others. This is not a policy that will pay to repair your own vehicle. Third Party Only cover offers the additional benefit of paying for damages to your own car that are the result of theft or fire, but damage caused by natural weather events, accidents and other events are not covered. If your vehicle is new or expensive, you may experience considerable financial loss if you don’t have a Comprehensive insurance policy.

4. You Are Concerned About Accidental Damage

You know your own driving abilities more than anyone else. You may be prone to making some rather bizarre mistakes behind the wheel, such as accidentally driving just a little too far into a parking spot and dinging your car on the curb. Comprehensive insurance is the only type of cover that includes accidental damage protection.

5. You Are Concerned About Car Theft

You may be concerned about car theft due to the make and model of your car, due to the crime rate in your area or both. While Third Party Fire and Theft provides some cover due to theft, Comprehensive cover is the only cover that includes car hire after theft.

Whether you can relate to any of these signs or all of them, you should carefully review the benefits that you can enjoy with a Comprehensive insurance policy.



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