James Bond And His Legendary Vehicles

For over 50 years we meet at the screens neat British armed with Walther pistol, drinking vodka and martini and unobtrusively presents himself as «Bond, James Bond.» About a third of the world’s population watched the film, based on the book of Ian Fleming. And what a good movie can be without a good car? It’s also a great advertising! Suggest now any automaker to pay for the fact that Daniel Craig’s hero will travel on a particular model, and it certainly would agree. But 50 years ago it was not so easy…

So, in this article wil are going to present you all the main cars that the hero of Fleming drove. We will begin from the 60’s and end with today. Thus, be sure that you are relaxed and enjoy the photo set we have prepared for you!


Sunbeam Alpine Convertible



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