7 things you didn’t know about BMW i8

BMW i8 is surely an elegant looking car which seems like it came directly from a Hollywood sci-fi movie. Recently BMW has decided to put it on the market by early 2014. This launch is not only important but also unique for company and car industry as it will give an idea to how the future of cars will look like. Getting close to premiere of production ready BMW i8, we bring you new photos and video along-with seven interesting facts about new hybrid Sportscar from Bavarian car company.


1 : BMW i8 is lighter than current generation E90 M3. Using carbon fiber components, it just weighs 1490 kg (3285 pounds) which is about 100 (220 pounds) kilograms lighter than M3.

2 : This is BMW’s first car with three power-train. On pure electric mode, the car is front wheel drive. With the gasoline engine, the   car is rear wheel drive and when both power sources work together, the car is four-wheel drive.

3 : The elctro-mechanical steering in i8 is from BMW X3.

4 : BMW i8 has the lowest center of gravity of all cars in BMW’s model range.

5 : The electric motors driving the front wheels are paired to act according to different modes. One is always used when the car is only on electric drive, while the second is enabled when both electric and gasoline engine work together.

6 : The rear window is made of Gorilla Glass, which is also used in tablet computers and smartphones. Gorilla glass is used for noise reduction.

7 : When fully charged i8 can cover a distance of 35 km(21.7 miles) on pure electric mode at a maximum speed of 120 km/hr(75 mph).

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