Acura NSX prototype

The eternal wait for more powerful and advanced Honda/Acura NSX is going to be over soon. Honda previewed another image of the prototype of new generation NSX supercar. At the moment, Acura NSX Prototype will make its appearance in the Indy 200 race at Midland Ohio. This race of the IndyCar Series will be held very close to the center of Honda R & D in America, located in Raymond Ohio, which is developing the new NSX. Its predecessor was a pioneer in many ways and was developed with the assistance of three times world champion Ayrton Senna.

Acura NSX

The first version of the NSX was first shown as a concept at Detroit last year. According to Honda, the car will inherit the mechanical assembly of the hybrid coupled with a mid-engine V6 gasoline engine producing more than 300 horsepower and three electric motors powered by lithium ion batteries (one in front and two in rear). Also available is AWD system mated with dual-clutch transmission designed to provide better traction and economy. The total power available should be around 400 hp.

The manufacturer claims that NSX will have a refined drive-ability due to the electric motors, which works with an effective torque vectoring system. It is estimated that the NSX accelerates from 0 to 62 mph(0 to 100 km/hr) in about 3 seconds. Honda has invested US $ 70 million in a facility near Marysville and will recruit 100 employees for NSX production. Honda also confirmed that it will showcase a pre production racing prototype on August 4, 2013 which will be covered live by NBC.



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