All new BMW 4 Series Coupe

BMW ended the era of 3 series coupe and entered the game with the launch of 4 series coupe. It is based on current 3 series, the aim of the brand is to offer more differentiation between models like the future BMW 2 series and 6 series. BMW now has homogeneous product range from 1 series to 7 series. The 4 series coupe not only carries its own number, it has a different recipe which makes it more sportier than 3 series. The coupe is slightly lower (16 mm), wider(44 mm), longer(17 mm) and wheelbase is increased by 50 mm than the sedan. The new 4 coupe has a wider track which improves in lower center of gravity, more direct steering and a modified front and rear axle. BMW says it has altered suspensions, springs and camber with respect to 3 series for more stability and high speed through corners.

With respect to aesthetics there are hardly any surprises. Even after the change of name, the front is similar to new 3 series, and even the rear has adopted the same design language, except the gentle fall of roof to the trunk lid which are fundamental characteristics of coupe and slightly different tail lights. While the 4 series coupe differs slight from outside than 3 series, the interior is reminiscent of the sedan. The central console has a 8.8 inch display for infotainment and navigation depending on the choice of equipment. The new iDrive controller with touch screen interface can be operated more easily than before. Lots of important information can be read on the heads up display without taking eyes off the road.

The engine range will bring no surprises either. At the moment BMW will market four engine options for 4 series namely gasoline powered 420i with 184 hp, 420d with 184 hp, 428i with 245 hp and the 435i with 306 bhp. The 435i will the most powerful and fastest in the range until the arrival of BMW M4 coupe. According to BMW the 435i coupe will do 0-60 mph in 5.1 seconds which is one-tenth quicker that 335i sedan and top speed limited to 250 km/hr(155 mph). The full range will be equipped with six-speed manual or eight speed automatic gearboxes. The range will also be equipped with optional all wheel drive X-drive system. A 4 series convertible will also be available and will be launched coming few months.

The all new 4 series coupe will be available in three different variants namely Modern line, Sport line and Luxury line. Also an M Sports Package will be offered. The prices of the packages vary depending on the engine choice.In United states, the price stats from 40,500 dollars for 428i and in Europe the most affordable car will be 420i with price tag of 35,750 euros. It will be available in showrooms by October,2013.

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2013 BMW 4 series coupe


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