All new Mercedes C-Class

The first official photos of Mercedes C-class has slipped out online. As expected the design is reminiscent of Mercedes S-class and the new car has grown slightly in length. We have to wait further about more information about the new W205 C-class. Previously we have seen pictures of interior and body structure. The lines of new car seamlessly blends to create a classic design with modern details. The Mercedes S-class has recreated the segment and raise the bar high for its competition and the C-class is not far behind either. It incorporates a number of features that demonstrate its technological side. Top of the line C 63 AMG with supercharged 4 liter V8 is expected to deliver around 480-500 horsepower.

To keep the pace with its arch rival BMW 3 series and Audi A4, mercedes C-class has grown 9 centimeters in wheelbase resulting in more interior space. Greater use of high-tensile steel and lightweight materials help reduce weight of the new C-Class with about 80 pounds, compared to its predecessor. The new C-class(W205) was expected to make debut at upcoming Detroit Motor Show, but the leaked photos suggest that Mercedes may choose an earlier date for the presentation.

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Merces C-class wall


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