Audi Nanuk Quattro concept

Audi offers an exciting new model at Frankfurt motor show called Nanuk Quattro concept. It is difficult for automakers to keep a new car entirely secret. Usually small details slip out before its release, but Audi has been able to keep Nanuk concept secret all the way to Volkswagen Group’s big press conference held on Monday evening. Pronounced as «Nanook», the name is derived from a Polar Bear in Inuit mythology. According to company, «Audi Nanuk Quattro concept is a strange creature combining superb driving dynamics with sharp terrain features».

Under the hood is a groovy V10 diesel engine producing 544 hp and humongous 1000 Nm(737 lb-ft) of torque. This enables the car to sprint 0-60 mph in 3.8 seconds and acheive a top speed of 305 km/hr(190 mph). The power is sent to four wheels through a seven speed S-tronic gearbox. The V10 engine is equipped with dual turbo-chargers and all the torque is available at 1,500 rpm. Despite of these huge power figures, the car manages to deliver fuel efficiency of 7.8 liter/100 km or 30 mpg.

Despite of using Aluminum and carbon fiber parts, the concept car from Audi weighs 1900 kg(4190 pounds). The suspension can be lowered by 30 mm or raised by 40 mm beyond the standard mode, depending on whether the driver wants to drive on the track or off-road. To compliment the versatility of car, Nanuk concept stands on 22 inch wheels with 235/50 front and 295/45 rear along with Ceramic brakes. Although Audi Nanuk is a concept car, we hope that the technology under the hood gets green light for series production. The updated four-wheel drive system could well appear on future cars from Audi.

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Audi Nanuk Quattro concept


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