Bentley continental GT Speed Jet team series built exclusively with Breitling

Breitling is a brand of watches closely linked with the world of aviation. So much so that their watches were first to feature a dual frequency integrated emergency beacon, which in case of accident can throw a warning and guide the location to rescue operations. Bentley and Breitling are intimately linked, together they have developed desk clocks, watches and some exclusive car products. Now Bentley has announced a very special edition limited to only seven units of Continental GT Speed which is a tribute to Breitling Jet Team. The team at the air show was sponsored by Breitling which is composed of seven L-39 C Albatros jet planes. Mulliner, a special division of Bentley creations was commissioned to reconcile the appearance of Continental GT speed and Breitling Jet Team. The body is painted in two shades, Silver and dark Grey which is further combined with details in yellow, a color characteristic of Breitling watches. The yellow color is mainly used inside the car. The seats and dashboard are decorated with prominent yellow stripes. Carbon fiber covering on the right-hand side of the dashboard is decorated with Breitling jet aircraft squadron. Bentley Continental GT speed Jet team series is an exclusive limited edition model for the individual of highly unique taste.

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Bentley continental GT speed breitling jet team series


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