Bentley SUV — A fine Class

When Bentley will release first brand new SUV in 2016, it will have a class of its own. The technology under the shell will come from next generation Audi Q7 and it is not about a cleaner car. After many rumors Bentley has now confirmed that a new SUV is under development. This might be the most luxurious SUV in the market during its launch. It is clear that Bentley want to challenge the new Range Rover as 30 percent of customer have British SUV in their garage along with Bentley.

The new SUV will be one of the world’s most exclusive, with an entry price of about 1.4 million dollars. To develop the SUV as one of its own kind, Bentley will offer V12 engine instead of a hybrid or V8. It will produce between 575 yo 650 hp. The range will include a luxurious four, five and seven seat family model. According to Bentley’s Sales and Marketing manager Kevin Rose, the new SUV will offer serious off-roading and will be as capable as Range Rover. «»This is really an SUV. In the Middle East, it must get up and down the dunes, and in Europe it must pull heavy trailers on moist grass fields,» said Kevin Rose.

According to Bentley, there are already 2,000 advance bookings of the car. It will be built in the UK, creating 1,000 new jobs at the factory in Crewe. Bentley is investing more than eight billion dollars in this project. Bentley hopes that the new SUV will sell 4,000 copies in a year and one third of them will go to United States.

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