Beware Bugatti — 1200 HP Aventador is here

American tuners from underground racing had developed and modified 1200 Hp Lamborghini aventador supercar. The fine-tuning specialists from North Carolina were engaged as soon as the car went on sale. According to the company, in the process of installing its own system of dual turbochargers on the engine of aventador they encountered some difficulties, but eventually were able to overcome them.

This resulted in increase of power from 700 hp to a stagerring 1200 Hp. These figures place the supercar next to Bugatti veyron supersports. However, these approximate figures and were obtained in the course of calculations. This fine tuned machine can now acheive 0-60 mph in 2.2 s on street tires, normal air pressure and on a regular road. Transmission is also upgraded and had resulted in reduced shift time. The cost of these upgrades are not disclosed by the company

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