BMW 4-series Gran Coupe

BMW is all set to challenge Audi A5 sportback with a four-door coupe model. The first pictures of BMW 4-series Gran Coupe has rolled out online ahead of it’s official debut. The official release we can thus expect anytime, maybe even this weekend. 4-series Gran Coupe gets sleek roof-line, elegant charisma and an aggressive front similar to 4-series coupe. Despite of coupe design, BMW has not forgotten the practicality. 4-series Gran Coupe gets a hatch that makes it easier to stow descent luggage.

BMW 4-series Gran Coupe will retrieve all the technology from 3-series. There are petrol engines ranging from 184 hp to 306 hp and diesel models from 184 to 258 horses. More engine options and four-wheel drive versions will come later. BMW will now have total of six body styles in 3-series and 4-series range. The new car will be presented officially at Geneva Motor Show.

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BMW 4-series Gran coupe


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