BMW | Eco-friendly elegance

BMW is a German spokesman for the perfect combination of sportiness and style. Models of unmistakable style and within them engines designed and installed in a workmanlike manner are hidden, giving the driver a unique driving experience. These qualities can be seen in all segments proposed. In this article we will talk about the best eco-friendly cars that this historic and famous sports brand has in its catalogue.

BMW X5 hybrid

The 5 Series is one of the most popular ones. Some even question if it is possible for a car to be more efficient and dynamic simultaneously. Well, that is the case for the BMW ActiveHybrid 5. It has unique style and an engine that is gritty but elegant at the same time.  Its interior is classy and functional, suitable for any situation. Traveling in this car will be a fulfilling experience every day. The 5 Series features exceptional sportiness and elegant design just like the rest of the series.

German luxury flagship. That is all you need to know about the 7 Series. It is huge, impressive and classy. On a side note, it may be a car for a chosen few due to its price. Its unique BMW Active Hybrid technology along with the luxury and comfort it provides is totally worth it though.

BMW Convertible at its peak. The Z4 is not just a convertible, it is THE convertible. Really spacious and comfortable for a two-seater, it is the ideal sports car. Let yourself be lulled by the wind when traveling at full speed with the top down. For the Z4 there are no diesel versions. The best engine is definitely the 35is, a 3000 cc engine that delivers power of 340 hp.

The 3 Series is the pride of the BMW brand and one of its bestselling models. Its style is unique in its own way and has accompanied millions of fans for generations. The various engines have never disappointed anyone with their reliability, power and acceleration. The richness of the 3 Series is also reflected in the choice of the versions. The convenient classic sedan 5-door station wagon, the innovative Gran Turismo and the ecological ActiveHybrid 3 are all very appealing options. As stated earlier the manufacturer, in addition to being luxurious, presents reliable and well performing engines.

If you want to talk about SUVs then we can talk about the BMW X-series. It is massive, indestructible, well-structured and above all, comfortable. Driving it is definitely enjoyable. The best choice is BMW X6 with motors worthy of the best SUV on the market: 4.4i 555 hp and 381 hp from the award-winning M50d and of course a hybrid version featuring 485 hp.


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