BMW i8 with Fuel cell technology

BMW i8, we know is a sporty plug-in hybrid car. The production started in late 2013 and is available for sale in showrooms now. We were totally unaware of i8 with fuel cell technology. BMW has managed to keep this project as a secret for three years. It turned out that the development of i8 eDrive Hydrogen Fuel Cell was completed in 2012, i.e. a year before BMW and Toyota announced joint development of fuel cells.

The electric motor is the same as hybrid i8, but instead of getting power assistance from 1.5-liter gasoline engine, it is supported by hydrogen powered fuel cell battery. Hydrogen is cryogenically stored in a cylindrical tank which is positioned centrally in the vehicle’s construction. Oxygen is also needed to be able to generate energy from the fuel cell stack and is taken directly from the environment.

While regular i8 with combined electric and gasoline motor develops 362 hp, the hydrogen fuel cell car develops about 245 hp. BMW i8 Fuel Cell car is a clear hint that the company have not abandoned the fuel cell technology and we may see other models in future.

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fuel cell i8


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