BMW i8 spyder

We all remember futuristic BMW i8 coupe which was driven by Tom cruise in Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol. BMW now has unveiled i8 spyder convertible concept. It is a two seated car with a hybrid propulsion system consisting of a gasoline engine and an electric motor producing a decent 354 hp (combined) and 406 lb-ft of torque and with these figures of power and torque, the performance of the BMW Concept i8 spyder is a like a sport car. It accelerates from 0 to 60 mph in 5.0 seconds. Top speed is electronically limited to 155 mph.

BMW i8 spyder has a slighter short wheelbase as compare to coupe. Body and chassis of spyder are made of composite materials i.e. carbon fiber and aluminum, with an objective to attain right weight and efficient dynamics. The body structure is divided into upper and lower part which BMW calls together as “Life drive”. Unlike the coupe it has a transparent engine lid compartment and butterfly doors. The area or lower module consists of the suspension, steering and brakes, battery, motors and the main structure of aluminum and carbon fiber which is also primarily responsible for the controlled deformation to absorb energy in case of accident.

BMW claims that they are able to achieve 100 kilometers in 3 liters or a respectable 78.41 mpg and can cover up to 19 miles alone through electric power supply. The batteries can be charged from a household power outlet in 1 hour and 45 minutes. This is the third model by BMW under “i” lineup.

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