BMW shows self drive 2 series

Many manufacturers are experimenting right now with self-driving cars. Cameras and computers are installed to ensure the car stays in the correct lane, maintain right speed and not crash. In Las Vegas BMW shows next stage of development. The prototype of BMW 2-series coupe can steer, brake and accelerate even in extreme conditions. Using a 360 degree camera, radar, GPS sensors and smart computers, the car can run really fast on the track. It can even perform skid and show the driver optimum line through a curve.

BMW 2 series_6

BMW’s connectdrive technology for self-driving cars will also be able to help in the normal weekday traffic. It can be self overtake slow vehicles and then return to the right lane. BMW has tested the technology in many car models already. BMW’s goal is that some models should be completely autonomous before 2020. Watch the video which reveals the bright side of future technology.



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