BMW X5 eDrive concept

The bavarian car manufacturer has previewed its new four wheel drive plug-in hybrid SUV. The new X5 eDrive was announced this week and will be on public display in concept form at the Frankfurt Motor Show next month. The BMW SUV concept has got a power plant consisting of a electric motor developing 95 hp and four cylinder gasoline bi-turbo engine. The combined output is not revealed by the manufacturer. The plug-in hybrid engine of BMW X5 eDrive can operate in several modes. With pure electric mode, the SUV can travel upto 30 km(18 miles) at a top speed of 120 km/hr(74 mph). According to manufacturer this mode is preferred for the urban environment whereas on highway internal combustion engine will be used. The electric motor and gasoline engine can function together to provide SUV a consumption of 3.8 liters per 100 kilometers and helps achieve 0 to 60 mph in seven seconds. In addition, the power plant has received Eco-Pro mode, designed to maximize fuel economy.

The batteries of BMW X5 eDrive can be charged from the household power socket and at special filling station which can be located through on-board multimedia system. The «Proactive Driving Assistant» enables optimal energy saving route and also calculate the time it takes to recharge the battery. The batteries are placed under the floor and will not occupy luggage space. In addition to the new power plant, BMW offers a special application for your smartphone. With this new application, you can not only monitor the status of the car, but also remotely control some functions like air conditioning and climate control system. Few other changes include new roof bars, alloy wheels with 21-inch lightweight design and new charger cable connector which lights up during charging. BMW has not announced the release date of the new X5 eDrive in the market.

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2014 BMW X5 Edrive concept BMW X5 Edrive concept_2014


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