The Best Choppers Of The 21st Century

Февраль 9, 2017

Chopper Motorcycle is a sign of wealth and style. The presence of this type of transport speaks of a certain type of personality. This feature allowed Harley Devidson make chopper-motorcycle brand. Many other companies, such as Honda and Yamaha are chopper producing motorcycle companies as well, but consumers give preference to the magnificent creations of Harley Davidson. Most likely this is due to the fact that they are durable and…


2015 MV Augusta Brutale 1090 and 1090 RR

MV Augusta Brutale 1090 RR
Июнь 22, 2015

MV Augusta has renewed Brutale 1090 and 1090 RR for 2015. With 158 hp, it will be more explosive in terms of performance and latest colour themes upgrades the looks of already the best looking naked motorcycle on the planet. The color shades are matte finished White Opaque pastel and deep black and red color on the frame. Also visible is new graphics on the fuel tank and other body…


MV Augusta F3 800 Nethus 0031

MV Augusta F3 800 Nethus special edition
Октябрь 22, 2014

The firm from Milan, Technoart Sersan has definitely established a special relationship with MV Augusta, and in recent months has demonstrated churning out a bunch of special versions made on the basis of beautiful production models of the Italian firm. The coach builder specializes in bodywork modifications that gives the motorcycle a distinctive personality and distinguish themselves from stock production.