10 Luxurious SUVs Today

Февраль 15, 2017

If money were easy what car you bought? Incredibly fast supercar from Ferrari or Lamborghini? How about the class luxury sedan, stuffed as it can only be imagined? Or maybe a luxury SUV that offers both comfort and more features? If you have a six-figure budget and a desire to spend then there are various of options. We have compiled a list of the 10 most luxury SUVs manufactured today. Forming…


Mission Is Possible. Ask BMW

Февраль 9, 2017

«Mission Impossible» is one of the most technological franchises of recent times. However, its fleet for a long time left much to be desired. Everything changed in 2011 when the fourth movie became the partner of the company BMW. This cooperation continued in the new, the fifth episode of the picture called «Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation.» Since the sixth part of the movie is preparing, we decided to recall the best…


Most Expensive Сabriolets To Buy

Февраль 6, 2017

Summer is the favorite time for many people. Owners of convertibles are no exception. They are looking forward to the warm season to unleash the joy and pride, languishing in the garage for months. Of course, this applies only to those who are not fortunate to live in a climate with harsh winters and unforgiving. Women are always attracted to convertibles and their owners. And who would not want to…


BMW. The New Approach To Racing

Февраль 5, 2017

Exactly 40 years have passed since the time when the start of the race 24 hours of Le Mans went to the BMW 3.0 CSL by Alexander Calder coloring. During this time, worldwide collection of BMW Art Car cars delights like connoisseurs of design and art, as well as in automotive and high-tech gourmet lovers. Now BMW is more than just a racing car. In this review we have prepared…


The Most Amazing Cars For The Next 30 Years

Январь 28, 2017

A lot of people imagine how future cars will be, how it will look like and who will manage them: the person or electronics. Let’s take a look at the car of our time and assume what it will be in 20 years. The pursuit of efficiency. Today’s engines consume significantly less fuel than the engines of past years. So in the future, the cost of fuel for the car…


Top ten BMW cars of all time

top ten BMW by DSG auto contracts
Сентябрь 8, 2015

BMW is no doubt one of the most important car makers of the modern era. Not only it brought us reliable cars, but the machines which set a benchmark in their respective segment. BMW cars are driver’s delight which focus on great handling and performance. There are many great iconic cars like 507, M1, M3 and i8 from Bavarian Firm, but the best among all can only make the list…


BMW i8 with Fuel cell technology

BMW i8 fuel cell
Июль 4, 2015

BMW i8, we know is a sporty plug-in hybrid car. The production started in late 2013 and is available for sale in showrooms now. We were totally unaware of i8 with fuel cell technology. BMW has managed to keep this project as a secret for three years. It turned out that the development of i8 eDrive Hydrogen Fuel Cell was completed in 2012, i.e. a year before BMW and Toyota…


BMW grabs best engine of the year award for 2015

2015 BMW i8
Июнь 27, 2015

The International engine of the year has been awarded since 1999. This award is organised by British UKIP media with other publications in the group. They are further assisted by journalist from all over the globe. BMW has previously been dominant in year’s motor award. But they have not won since 2008. Since then, Volkswagen won two years in a row, Fiat one and Ford for the past three years….


The new BMW 7 series — 11 awesome facts to know

all new bmw 7 series
Июнь 12, 2015

BMW new flagship is here. The brand new BMW is lighter and more sophisticated than before. In addition to its basic virtues, the new 7 Series also offers exclusive range of customization options and two body styles with normal and long wheelbase. For the first time, the 7 series will bear a sporty M badge. However, it will not be a true M-version but M-sport package. All models are fitted with…


2015 BMW 1 series review

BMW 1-series
Июнь 8, 2015

BMW had succeeded in a big way, implementing the trick of getting drivers and passengers to smile. Regardless of the model, the cars from bavarian manufacturer draws an attention in a positive way even when parked. The new BMW 1 Series is no exception to this.


BMW | Eco-friendly elegance

Апрель 10, 2014

BMW is a German spokesman for the perfect combination of sportiness and style. Models of unmistakable style and within them engines designed and installed in a workmanlike manner are hidden, giving the driver a unique driving experience. These qualities can be seen in all segments proposed. In this article we will talk about the best eco-friendly cars that this historic and famous sports brand has in its catalogue.


BMW 2 series Active Tourer officially revealed

Февраль 15, 2014

For several years it has been rumored that BMW will venture into MPV segment with a front wheel drive model. The wait is over and finally we have all new BMW 2 series Active Tourer. The latest model codenamed F 45 will be available in BMW showrooms later this year. The new 2 series active Tourer is based on UKL platform which forms the basis for the Mini cars. The new…


2015 BMW X3 — Video and Gallery

Февраль 6, 2014

After the 4 series Gran coupe, BMW revealed X3 crossover with important updates. It has received significant changes in appearance and fuel efficient engines. The SUV has got new headlights with optional LEDs, modified grille and bumpers. Under the hood are significant changes with the offering of economical drive-train. BMW claims that it produces lowest CO2 emissions in the segment. Interior has been given a boost with updated infotainment system and…


BMW 4-series Gran Coupe

Февраль 1, 2014

BMW is all set to challenge Audi A5 sportback with a four-door coupe model. The first pictures of BMW 4-series Gran Coupe has rolled out online ahead of it’s official debut. The official release we can thus expect anytime, maybe even this weekend. 4-series Gran Coupe gets sleek roof-line, elegant charisma and an aggressive front similar to 4-series coupe. Despite of coupe design, BMW has not forgotten the practicality. 4-series Gran…


2014 BMW X1 with new updates

Январь 22, 2014

The entry level SUV model X1 from BMW made its debut in 2009. In 2012, it received various updates in interior and exterior with an addition of new 306 hp, xDrive35i model. Despite the updates in less than two years, BMW has again made few changes in the model. Unlike the previous update, there are no major changes in X1 but only small ones which only few can distinguish.


BMW shows self drive 2 series

Январь 7, 2014

Many manufacturers are experimenting right now with self-driving cars. Cameras and computers are installed to ensure the car stays in the correct lane, maintain right speed and not crash. In Las Vegas BMW shows next stage of development. The prototype of BMW 2-series coupe can steer, brake and accelerate even in extreme conditions. Using a 360 degree camera, radar, GPS sensors and smart computers, the car can run really fast on the…