BMW M3 and M4

Декабрь 18, 2013

Since BMW has already released many details about the M3/M4, it now becomes a bit of a refresher. As you all know, it is a heavily reworked 3 liter turbo six that we find under hood of both models. S55 engine is based on the familiar N55 engine with 84.0 mm in bore and 89.6 millimeter stroke, but the similarity stops here. The modifications are so extensive on S55 that…


BMW 2 series coupe

Октябрь 26, 2013

Earlier this week, we bought leaked pictures and facts about the new BMW 2-Series Coupe, but now we can finally present the official photos and details. For the first time BMW has a 2 series in the program. It’s about coupe version of the BMW 1 Series, which is logically renamed two series in the same way as the rest of model line-up. In recent years, rumors about front wheel…


BMW M235i unmasked

Октябрь 24, 2013

Images from a private viewing of the new BMW M235i has slipped out online and now we can see the new performance model completely unmasked. On 25th Oct, BMW will present its new 2-series coupe. But somewhere, BMW has made ​​a private tour in advance for selected guests. The images of completely undisguised BMW M235i appeared online and quickly spread across the web. Beside these pictures, some of the facts also…


7 things you didn’t know about BMW i8

Сентябрь 8, 2013

BMW i8 is surely an elegant looking car which seems like it came directly from a Hollywood sci-fi movie. Recently BMW has decided to put it on the market by early 2014. This launch is not only important but also unique for company and car industry as it will give an idea to how the future of cars will look like. Getting close to premiere of production ready BMW i8,…


Toyota and BMW will jointly develop Z5 roadster

Сентябрь 2, 2013

A joint project of BMW and Toyota to develop a sports car is a subject for speculation almost since the announcement of the collaboration between two companies. The result of collaboration between toyota and BMW will be Z5 roadster. BMW will also develop engine for upcoming supra. The resulting cars will not be the product of badge engineering. Japanese and German models produced in joint venture will have different characteristics.


BMW X5 eDrive concept

Август 25, 2013

The bavarian car manufacturer has previewed its new four wheel drive plug-in hybrid SUV. The new X5 eDrive was announced this week and will be on public display in concept form at the Frankfurt Motor Show next month. The BMW SUV concept has got a power plant consisting of a electric motor developing 95 hp and four cylinder gasoline bi-turbo engine. The combined output is not revealed by the manufacturer….


BMW M4 concept — Birth of a legend

Август 17, 2013

BMW has showcased M4 concept coupe at Pebble Beach Concours D’Elegance. The concept will be very similar to production model and also hints on design philosophy of BMW M models in near future. The car has received a stylish look with an aggressive front bumper and hood. It also has a vented front fenders, trunk spoiler and 20-inch wheels with two-tone finish. In order to reduce weight, the front splitter,…


BMW i8 — Back to the future

Август 15, 2013

In upcoming Frankfurt motor show, BMW will show a prototype of its new plug-in hybrid sports car i8. And now, a month in advance, we get a small taste of what we can expect. BMW had not previewed the actual car rather it has published some photos of pre- production vehicle in camouflage. However they had revealed technical specifications and information regarding the sportcar. BMW says that the car was not…


All new BMW 4 Series Coupe

Июль 15, 2013

BMW ended the era of 3 series coupe and entered the game with the launch of 4 series coupe. It is based on current 3 series, the aim of the brand is to offer more differentiation between models like the future BMW 2 series and 6 series. BMW now has homogeneous product range from 1 series to 7 series. The 4 series coupe not only carries its own number, it has…


The best advertisement to sell a 1994 BMW 5 series

Май 30, 2013

Selling a high mileage car is not usually a simple task, it also implies buying risk as one or more components may fail soon. This was not a problem for Casey, an American who quickly sold his 1994 BMW 530i over Internet. How did he accomplish this task? Creating a very original explanatory video instead of putting an ad in a local newspaper classifieds, a video with global impact.


Audi RS3 vs BMW M135i

Декабрь 8, 2012

Chris Harris had recently tested both the hot hatches from Germany  the Audi RS 3 and BMW M135i. The Audi RS 3 sportback is high on power developing 340 hp and has an all wheel drive system which compliments the car all weather performance. The BMW M135i is almost a grand cheaper in its basic mode with 320 hp, it has better interior, better steering, drive is fun which one can always except from BMW…


BMW boost 3 series campaign in India

Июль 24, 2012

BMW had initiated campain for 3 series in India. Only two more days are left in its launch and BMW has not left any chance to let everyone know the presence of 3 series. The had also create a new website especially for new 3 series. BMW is very comfident with this launch and expecting that 3 series will outsell newly launched Audi A4 and Mercedes C class. Autocar india…


2013 BMW 7 series

Май 29, 2012

Nearly four years after the debut of the new BMW 7 Series, the Bavarian automaker has prepared an updated version of its flagship sedan as 2013 7 series. It has received a number of technical and external changes, as well as upgraded interior. Redesigned BMW 7-series sports a new LED head optics as well as different front bumper. Front grille is retouched, which is now at nine vertical bars instead…


2013 BMW M3

Май 11, 2012

2013 BMW M3 is no doubt most anticipated car in auto industry. There are various spy shots of upcoming M3 which can be seen on different blogs and websites. Also there are few die hard fans of M3 who had posted images of how the upcoming sports car will look like. The designs seems to be quiet interesting and it is too be seen who came closer.


All new BMW M5 F10

Апрель 15, 2012

The most powerful and most sporty M5 is about to hit showrooms very soon. It has 4.4 liter V8 twin turbo motor that produces a 560 hp which is 10 percent more than the model it will replace. Torque is rated at 502 ft lb (680 Nm). The new M5 accelerates from 0-60 mph in 4.4 seconds and a top speed of 155 mph (250 km/h). However with M drivers…