The Most Pricey Auction Exhibited Car

Февраль 18, 2017

The British company Talacrest put up for sale a classic Italian supercar of the 1962 year release for a record $56 million. Besides the fact that this model is, in principle, is of great interest for collectors, this particular instance is especially remarkable. Immediately after the birth the car, it went to the legendary race «12 Hours of Sebring.» As a result, auto marathon car won the first place in…


Ferrari F1 Car Evolution

Февраль 11, 2017

There is hardly a single person who would never have heard of the Ferrari. Ferrari is not just the prestigious automotive brand, and the legend. Formula 1 car is a carbon fiber monocoque with four wheels positioned outside the body, of which the rear is the leading part. Brake booster and anti-lock braking system is prohibited. Managing fireballs and a conventional car is very different things. In this article, we…


Amazing Vehicles Of Rappers

Февраль 10, 2017

Rap is a relatively new musical direction, but it is firmly rooted in the modern culture, giving rise to dozens of characters, and never going to disappear. Rappers like wealthiness and so called «swag». It is a huge part of what really is in their blood. In addition, they actually go hand in hand with their career trajectory: from rags to riches, which benchmarks have experienced in their life. Today…


Superhero Vehicles Of Past

Февраль 8, 2017

We have watched movies where extraordinary superheroes are  in strong need of appropriate surroundings. Therefore, the use of the superhero has always been given not just any ordinary car, and the most that neither is a superhero has supermobil. Let’s look at the most interesting creations of not only engineering genius, but also directing and cine. So, we will present you the best superheroes’ cars that were exisiting for real….


Hall Of Fame American Vehicles

Февраль 7, 2017

In each country there are automotive legends that became classics, are of great value to collectors, millionaires and fans of domestic brands. Let us find out what the legendary American cars will not leave indifferent not a US resident. Let us rotate the clock back and recall the vehicles without cruise control or the cruise control, which could not be dispersed over 100 km / h. Let us also remember…


Most Expensive Сabriolets To Buy

Февраль 6, 2017

Summer is the favorite time for many people. Owners of convertibles are no exception. They are looking forward to the warm season to unleash the joy and pride, languishing in the garage for months. Of course, this applies only to those who are not fortunate to live in a climate with harsh winters and unforgiving. Women are always attracted to convertibles and their owners. And who would not want to…


The Most Amazing Cars For The Next 30 Years

Январь 28, 2017

A lot of people imagine how future cars will be, how it will look like and who will manage them: the person or electronics. Let’s take a look at the car of our time and assume what it will be in 20 years. The pursuit of efficiency. Today’s engines consume significantly less fuel than the engines of past years. So in the future, the cost of fuel for the car…


The Fastest Cars Today

Январь 27, 2017

Sports cars, supercar, hypercar … In these three words lies not only the abyss difference, but simply Mariana Trench differences does: from «simple» characteristics to their quite controversial digits of prices. And if a normal sports car can be bought for 30-50 thousand dollars, but for the prefix «hyper» you will have to add a couple of zeros to sign a check for a million or two or even three euros. Surely,…


Dwayne «The Rock» Johnson Is A Real Auto Lover

Январь 26, 2017

The famous actor and a multiple world champion in wrestling Dwayne Johnson, better known as «The Rock», is very fond of luxury and fast cars. Especially, the star of «Fast and the Furious»  movie likes Ferarri LaFerrari hypercar. The truth is because of big sizes of Dwayne, he just simply cannot get into the car, that’s it and he has to settle for large vehicles, and keep this beauty like…


Top Cars Of Athletes

Январь 24, 2017

The 21st century is very beneficial for sportsmen. A lot of football (soccer) players, boxers, basketball players, mma fighters and so on, have quite a big car collection. In this article we will show you the best and most loved cars of the professional athletes. Unfortunately, most of the have really a huge amount of vehicles, however, we have picked the most brutal and expensive ones to demonstrate you. Here…


The most beautiful Ferraris Girls

Апрель 25, 2016

Ferrari S.p.A. is the Italian company producing sports cars. It is is based in Maranello and founded in 1929 by Enzo Ferrari as Scuderia Ferrari. The company sponsored racers and made racing cars till 1947. Many models of the world wish to get hold of a photoshoot with these cars. According to GoAuto with reference to the CEO of Ferrari AmadeoFelitsa, more than 20% of Ferrari cars  in China are…


David Beckham’s Ford pickup will be sold at auction

Апрель 25, 2016

The Ford pickup F-150 2002 in the Harley Davidson special version of a former halfback of the English national team David Beckham will be sold at the Barons auction. The cost of the car will vary from 10 to 12 thousand pounds (from 14,3 to 17,2 thousand US dollars). The certificate on registration with the name of the footballer and the certificate confirming that Beckham owned the car is attached…


Hyundai Tucson makes a stable comeback

2015 Hyundai Tucson
Июль 21, 2015

If you want a comfortable car with combi-space, then Hyundai’s new crossover might be right suited for you. In European and few Asian markets, the previously known ix35 had gone back to original name Tuscon. This time, the car shows a clearer relationship to Santa Fe which is also named after a town in the southern United States. To begin with, it has grown up slightly compared to the outgoing model….


The new fiat 500 — a mild facelift

facelift fiat 500
Июль 4, 2015

It was in year 2007 that Fiat made a grand comeback 50 years after the original 500 Topolino got discontinued in 1955. In last eight years, Fiat has sold 3.8 million copies of 500. Today, the Italian firm has updated 500 with 1800 design changes. Despite of changes claimed by Fiat, the new car almost look identical to its predecessor.


Ferrari 488 GTB — The worthy successor

2015 Ferrari 488 GTB
Июнь 9, 2015

Ferrari had always tried to make special and outstanding enjoyable cars since its inception. Sometimes they lag a bit behind the competition but since last few yers after the launch of 458 Italia, the Italian company had introduced remarkable sport cars and supercars. Ferrari 458 Italia was benchmark for the segment and higher segment as well. Ferrari further up the game by launching 458 Speciale which has a razor sharp…


Honda S660 Mugen

Апрель 2, 2015

Mugen, Honda’s sports division had not taken too long to present their version of Honda S660 roadster. The new sports car from honda is lightweight, rear-wheel drive, mid-engined and two seated. Mugen had integrated a new aerodynamic kit which includes a new front splitter, a modified air intake for passage to the rear wheel and a rear diffuser.  A new front hood, rear engine cover and front fenders with air outlets…