Koenigsegg One:1 will debut at Geneva Motor Show

Январь 30, 2014

When Bugatti Veyron was launched, it made possible for production car to achieve the magical top speed of 400 Km/hr(250 mph). Since then many rivals had tried to dethrone Bugatti from being the king of speed and performance. Koenigsegg car company, which is famous for building great supercars is about to challenge Veyron SuperSport by launching it’s new avatar called One:1(One-to-one). It has acquired it’s name by having a perfect weight distribution…


2015 Lincoln Navigator

Январь 25, 2014

Large SUV class has been given a new addition in the form of an updated Lincoln Navigator. Basically, this is a face-lift model that was launched back in 2007. According to Ford, it is sufficient to compete with class king Cadillac Escalade. Many of the components in upcoming model is shared with outgoing model. The technology under the hood comes from F-150 pick-up truck but Lincoln Navigator feel luxurious and exclusive….


Lamborghini Urus will be ready in three years time

Январь 24, 2014

At Detroit Motor Show, Lamborghini CEO Stephan Winkelmann confirmed that the concept car Urus has been given green light by the management of the VW Group. It has already been two years since Lamborghini Urus Concept was shown at 2012 Beijing motor show. The market for luxury suv continues to expand, said Stephan Winkelmann to journalists and therefore it is felt that there is a space. Designer Filippo Perini has managed to…


Kia GT4 Stinger concept

Январь 13, 2014

Kia has secretly revealed the brand new concept car several times, but now it has been presented officially at Detroit Motor Show. The concept is called GT4 stinger and it is a four seater 2-door coupe. The rear seats are almost impractal and are only good for kids. The new concept car is painted in Yellow and offers front-wheel drive, manual transmission, Brembo brakes and Pirelli P-Zero tires. The front…


Lexus RC-F Coupe — Challenger to BMW M4

Январь 10, 2014

Lexus revealed it’s new RC Coupe at tokyo autoshow few months back. This coming week at detroit motor show, lexus will showcase the hardcore version of RC coupe with RC-F badge. Lexus RC-F will be direct challenger to BMW M4 . It was rumored for a long time that Lexus RC-F would get a hybrid drive, but instead it will carry 5.0-liter V8 engine under the hood. This will be the…


Lamborghini LP 610-4 Huracan

Декабрь 23, 2013

In August 1879 at the bullring in Alicante, Spanish audience got to witness a rare angry bull — Huracan. The angry animal became a legend thanks to his invincibility. Lamborghini has previously named their cars after legendary fighters from the Spanish bullfight and the model name of the Gallardo’s replacement will be known as «Huracan LP 610-4». The name Huracan appear in Mayan mythology but in Spanish, it stands for…


Lexus RC Coupe

Ноябрь 5, 2013

The stylish sports coupe missing from the lexus range will debut at upcoming Tokyo Motor Show and will be called RC coupe. The car in picture is not a concept car but Lexus calls it «pre-series» model which we assume will be very similar to the final production model. Lexus RC coupe borrows some features of LF-LC concept car. Two models will be offered by the company. A Lexus RC…


Lexus LF-NX concept

Сентябрь 6, 2013

With entry level premium crossover segment growing day by day every manufacturer is keen to have one product competing in this class. Even Lexus wants to be in the race and is going to display LF-NX concept in upcoming Frankfurt motor show. It is a potential rival to BMW X1/X3, Mercedes GLA and Audi Q3/Q5. The most striking is perhaps is the design which follows the Lexus design language and…


2014 Land Rover Discovery

Сентябрь 6, 2013

The SUV Discovery has been updated by Land Rover.  The new Land Rover Discovery which is also sold in North America as LR4(now 4 badge is removed) represents the modernized version of its predecessor. The car is built on the same platform and is not too much different in its appearance. The model has a different design on front end. Changed in particular are false radiator grille, headlights with LED…


Jaguar C-X17 concept

Сентябрь 2, 2013

At Frankfurt motor show, we will get to see the Jaguar’s SUV model in concept form. The new crossover will share its platform with upcoming rival of BMW 3 series. The all aluminum platform is completely new and is built to reduce weight and enhance economy due to strict emission laws. Jaguar has released only a dark picture showing the roof line, a spoiler on the tailgate and elevated waist…


Infinity Q30 concept

Август 30, 2013

With competitors like the Audi Q3, BMW X1 and Mercedes GLA, Infinity Q30 stands out in a positive way. We have the first photo on the Infiniti Q30 Concept and hence you can decide for yourself how well they have succeeded. According to Infinity — Q30 is not a coupe, hatchback or a crossover but a mixture of all three. The design is intended for young car buyers who are…


Kia Niro concept

Август 29, 2013

Kia motor company unveiled the prototype of compact crossover Niro. The production model of the concept is not yet included in the plans of the Korean automaker which could become a potential rival to Nissan Juke, Opel Mokka and Renault Captur. However, the automaker intends to evaluate the reaction of people to the new design elements that may appear in future KIA production models.


Lamborghini Egoista concept

Июль 12, 2013

Lamborghini Egoista concept has a 5.2-liter V10 engine with 600 hp which is derived from Gallardo. As we see, there is only room for one person in Egoista and according to Walter de Silva, the concept car is designed for those who like to fall into temptation and has a weakness for extravagance. Hence the name Egoista which means Selfish. Lamborghini Egoista concept car was previewed to celebrate Lamborghini’s 50th…


Range Rover Sport

Апрель 2, 2013

The Latest offering from Range Rover lands on the stage at the New York Show driven by Daniel Craig. After the new generation of Range Rover, it is the turn of its Sportiest SUV, the new Range Rover Sport. A new generation always welcome sportiness to the model, boasting of all the changes over 40 years of history. The new Range Rover Sport comes with light, but sufficient enhancement in…


Maserati Quattroporte vs Jaguar XJ sport

Январь 11, 2013

Autocar UK has recently reviewed new 2013 Maserati Quattroporte. Maserati super luxurious saloon is no doubt a rocket as far as performance is considered and is very much comparable with BMW M5. Autocar has compared the new Maserati Luxurious saloon with Jaguar XJ sport and we are surprised by the result. Checkout the video.


2013 Range Rover Leaked

Июль 17, 2012

Motorauthority has released first images of 2013 Land Rover’s Range rover which had recently being seen testing with camauflage. From the pictures it can be seen that the new range rover is designed on the lines of its sister suv, the Range Rover Evoque. The interior also is reminiscent of Evoque.