10 Luxurious SUVs Today

Февраль 15, 2017

If money were easy what car you bought? Incredibly fast supercar from Ferrari or Lamborghini? How about the class luxury sedan, stuffed as it can only be imagined? Or maybe a luxury SUV that offers both comfort and more features? If you have a six-figure budget and a desire to spend then there are various of options. We have compiled a list of the 10 most luxury SUVs manufactured today. Forming…


They Will Never Change Future. Gone Car Brands

Февраль 8, 2017

The first decade of the early 21st century was not friendly to the world of famous car manufacturers, which were recently lost many previously popular brands. Not only certain car models had gone, but the whole auto concerns did. Only in the beginning of the 21th century in the womb of history a dozen brands have found their last resting place. And, importantly, there are also those whose departure from…


Most Amazing Cars To Drift Crazy

Февраль 3, 2017

Drifting is a car’s ability to remain manageable in a drift. Of course, not all brands on the market, have such an opportunity. Today we present you the best cars for drift of all time. In our list we include those brands that are not afraid of any turn. They drift in all situations. Rating is aimed at fans of this entertainment. About our leader you can always watch the…


What Vehicles Should Women Drive?

Февраль 1, 2017

Women no less than men love cars, but they have slightly different preferences. If a man finds importance in dynamics of dispersal, the number of horses under the hood and the car make, then the pretty half of the world find car as just a mean of transportation. So the answer to the question, which automobile is the best for the girl is in the car qualities such as design, comfort, maneuverability…


The Most Amazing Cars For The Next 30 Years

Январь 28, 2017

A lot of people imagine how future cars will be, how it will look like and who will manage them: the person or electronics. Let’s take a look at the car of our time and assume what it will be in 20 years. The pursuit of efficiency. Today’s engines consume significantly less fuel than the engines of past years. So in the future, the cost of fuel for the car…


The Fastest Cars Today

Январь 27, 2017

Sports cars, supercar, hypercar … In these three words lies not only the abyss difference, but simply Mariana Trench differences does: from «simple» characteristics to their quite controversial digits of prices. And if a normal sports car can be bought for 30-50 thousand dollars, but for the prefix «hyper» you will have to add a couple of zeros to sign a check for a million or two or even three euros. Surely,…


Mercedes Benz G-Class 2016 best foto

Декабрь 18, 2015

Let’s address history. Actually the official date of creation of a well-known car Mercedes-Benz G-Class is on February 10, 1979. For more than 30 years more than 200 copies of this legendary car descended from a conveyor of the Australian plant Magna Steyer belonging to Daimler A.G. Mercedes-benz G-Class was developed as a military vehiclefrom a suggestion by the Mohammed Pakhlavi. Now this car is issued as W461 – a…


First look — 2016 Mercedes DTM car

DTM C-class
Сентябрь 4, 2015

Mercedes-Benz has released first sketches of their upcoming DTM race car. The car is based on the new Mercedes AMG C 63 Coupe that will replace current C63 model which raced in the DTM since 2011. Our goal with this car is obviously to continue Mercedes success story in the DTM, says Ulrich Fritz, head of Mercedes-AMG DTM. Mercedes leads the manufacturers championship in this year’s DTM season with a score for…


All new 2016 Opel Astra

Opel Astra 2016
Август 31, 2015

2016 Opel Astra is new from inside out. The overall dimensions are reduced, yes you heard it right. The length is reduced by 490 mm and wheelbase is 200 mm shorter. A new model will be shorter than its predecessor, is something of a trend with Opel. Company official states that reduction is in line with company core values.»It’s all about efficiency. A car should weigh as little as possible…


2016 Mercedes C-class coupe is official — pictures, facts and video

c-class coupe
Август 20, 2015

The German brand, Mercedes-Benz has released on the Internet its latest coupe for 2016. A long-awaited model to beat segment main rivals, the BMW 4 Series Coupe and Audi A5. The design lines are based on S-Class Coupe which is a positive aspect, as the big brother possess good credentials. With an elegant design but at the same time with sporty traits, we expect this coupe to put successful sales…


All new Mitsubishi Pajero Sport

Pagero Sport
Август 7, 2015

If you think that the current Mitsubishi Pajero Sport was dull in looks and did not perform well, think again. The all new Mitsubishi Pajero is coming soon with a completely new design. It will host some advance safety and performance features that customers will love. Pajero might not be a big name in North America or Europe but is a big name in Asia. The 90’s Pajero is considered as…


2016 Mercedes A-class facelift revealed

Mercedes-AMG A45
Июнь 29, 2015

Latest generation A-class has been updated gently in appearance while the technical bits have undergone major transformations. Among other things, the engines have become more economical and top-end AMG variant comes with more power.


New Mini Clubman Teased

Mini Clubman Teased
Июнь 19, 2015

Mini had released a teaser image of new Clubman. The picture reveals lots of details, which are very similar to previously shown Clubman concept at Geneva Motor Show. We strongly believe that the 2016 Clubman like other Mini models will be based on BMW’s new front-wheel-drive UKL platform.


Porsche 918 vs Mclaren P1 — Epic track battle

Апрель 11, 2015

Porsche 918, Mclaren P1 and Ferrari LaFerrari are no doubt epitome of automotive engineering. We live in great times as an automotive enthusiast to dream about owning one of the best technological cars available on the planet. All being Hybrid supercars, each one of them are powered by gasoline and electric motor. Together both the engines produce a staggering amount of useful power that can blow everyone’s mind. The energy…


Mclaren 570S Coupe — Aggressive and practical

Mclaren 570 S
Апрель 1, 2015

The internal name for the new McLaren 570S Coupe was P13 and at a cursory look, one might think that it is a trimmed down version of the 650S. But McLaren has redesigned the new 570S to become more user-friendly in everyday life and also managed to trim away much weight about 80 kilograms(176 lbs). The car now weighs 1313 kg(2895 lbs). Mclaren says that 30 percent of the car…


Mclaren 650S

Февраль 19, 2014

If you like Mclaren cars and think that Mclaren MP4-12C is too soft or P1 is out of reach as every single piece is now sold, then we have a good news for you. Mclaren has just showed its latest supercar which will be called 650S. McLaren arranged a secret premiere screening of its latest offering for selected customers. After a while Mclaren officially released pictures and video of 650S….