James Bond And His Legendary Vehicles

Февраль 6, 2017

For over 50 years we meet at the screens neat British armed with Walther pistol, drinking vodka and martini and unobtrusively presents himself as «Bond, James Bond.» About a third of the world’s population watched the film, based on the book of Ian Fleming. And what a good movie can be without a good car? It’s also a great advertising! Suggest now any automaker to pay for the fact that Daniel…


Most Amazing Cars To Drift Crazy

Февраль 3, 2017

Drifting is a car’s ability to remain manageable in a drift. Of course, not all brands on the market, have such an opportunity. Today we present you the best cars for drift of all time. In our list we include those brands that are not afraid of any turn. They drift in all situations. Rating is aimed at fans of this entertainment. About our leader you can always watch the…


What Vehicles Should Women Drive?

Февраль 1, 2017

Women no less than men love cars, but they have slightly different preferences. If a man finds importance in dynamics of dispersal, the number of horses under the hood and the car make, then the pretty half of the world find car as just a mean of transportation. So the answer to the question, which automobile is the best for the girl is in the car qualities such as design, comfort, maneuverability…


The Most Amazing Cars For The Next 30 Years

Январь 28, 2017

A lot of people imagine how future cars will be, how it will look like and who will manage them: the person or electronics. Let’s take a look at the car of our time and assume what it will be in 20 years. The pursuit of efficiency. Today’s engines consume significantly less fuel than the engines of past years. So in the future, the cost of fuel for the car…


Paul Walker Toyota Supra from Fast and Furious goes on sale

Апрель 23, 2015

Now you can get your hands on famous Orange Toyota Supra driven by Paul Walker in first «Fast and Furious» film. You have to open  a big wallet if you want this car. It is expected to cost between 1,70,000 to 2,00,000 dollars. Toyota Supra will be available through auction Firm Mecum Auctions. The sale will be taking place at Indianapolis between May 12th to May 17th.


Alfa Romeo 4C, Toyota GT 86 or Porsche Cayman S — Which is the best handling Sports Car

Январь 20, 2014

AutoCar pitched Alfa Romeo 4C against Porsche Cayman S and Toyota GT 86 to find out the best handling and fun car sensible money can buy. The Alfa 4c has loads of Carbon Fiber elements in its structure because of which it weighs only 895 kilograms. It is equipped with a potent 1.8 liter turbocharged engine that develops 237 hp which makes a great noise too. It also looks beautiful…


Toyota FT-1 concept

Январь 14, 2014

Toyota is planning a new Supra( the classic sports car in 90s). That is the least what car experts believe after seeing FT-1 concept car at Detroit Motor Show. FT-1 was cleared far ahead from toyota before announcing a collabration with BMW to produce a hybrid sports car. The concept car has been built with generous proportions and according to Toyota is about 10 percent larger in all proportions as compared…


Ford pickup truck tops the chart in U.S.

Сентябрь 6, 2013

The U.S. car sales are on the rise again, thanks to low interest rates. Toyota rose 23 percent in August compared with the same period last year. For General Motors, sales has increased by 15 percent. Ford sells pick up truck every 38 seconds in United States according to financial site Bloomberg. Honda has captured three positions in top seven with Civic, Accord and CR-V. The dominance of pick-up truck…


Toyota and BMW will jointly develop Z5 roadster

Сентябрь 2, 2013

A joint project of BMW and Toyota to develop a sports car is a subject for speculation almost since the announcement of the collaboration between two companies. The result of collaboration between toyota and BMW will be Z5 roadster. BMW will also develop engine for upcoming supra. The resulting cars will not be the product of badge engineering. Japanese and German models produced in joint venture will have different characteristics.


Toyota Yaris Hybrid-R concept

Сентябрь 1, 2013

Toyota car company had adopted hybrid technology at an early stage. Prius is the best selling hybrid car which is currently available in the market as a third generation model. Hybrid technology has also found its way into the rest of the model range, including the Yaris and Auris. Now Toyota confirms with exciting news about Yaris Hybrid-R concept which will debut at Frankfurt motor show.