9 Real Cars Designed For The Children

Февраль 16, 2017

Bringing joy to your child is the dream of every parent. One of the ways to implement it is to buy for your little son or daughter a car «like my dad has». But one thing is for sure: consumer goods with a fake label known firm, and quite another thing is the real famous automobile manufacturers for children. So, we have decided to bring in our serious and adult…


Elemment Palazzo. The Biggest House On The Wheels

Февраль 15, 2017

The purpose of construction of the most expensive car, designed for permanent residence, has been set by the Austrian company Marchi Mobile. This indicated separately in the set designers of the problem, the vehicle must be devoid of flashy luxury and too fanciful elements thrown into the eyes of the tenants. To build a unique car it took more than 20 months, with during this time in the original plan over 100…


Weclome New Budget Indian Sedan

Февраль 14, 2017

In the near future India will produce a small sedan Tigor (it is the name given to the production version of the concept Tata Kite 5, which was introduced in February last year). Features of the model has not yet been opened, it is known only that the model is based on the hatchback Tata Tiago, launched on the local market in the spring of 2016. Tigor is almost completely preserved the…


10 Most Expensive Motorcycles Ever

Февраль 13, 2017

The answer to the question of why women always fall for the bad guys, has not yet been found. But girls like not only brutal men, but also expensive motorcycles. Marshall McLuhan argues that different things complement the created image. For example, a phone is not just a device for making calls or SMS messages, it certainly shows the status of the person. Or a cloak of perfect skin, sliding…


Forever Young: 5 Retro Cars Producing Today

Февраль 11, 2017

Looking back through the calendar with auto power icons 60s, you involuntarily begin to realize that all the most important ones in the twentieth century you have already  missed. And the fact that no fault of their own is part of which will never be just a miserable solace from an insane longing for a series of events. All these events are long gone, but old cars still keep on…


Formula 1. Behind The Scenes

Февраль 10, 2017

Many people watch racing in Formula 1 for several years, but do not know exactly what is called «Formula 1». To fix this, you need to figure out what is behind this beautiful name. In a narrow sense, the Formula 1 is a set of technical standards, regulations and rules in accordance with which organized and held the world championship of Formula 1. We know great Formula 1 pilots such as…


The Strangest Cars Ever

Февраль 1, 2017

Every day we meet a lot of different machines on the road. Some of them seem attractive to us. And, on the contrary, we do not like the others. But if the majority of modern cars have an attractive design that suits many motorists, there are vehicles that their terrible view affect our imagination. Do you like a certain type of car, but some of them you do not, whereas other people…