The Strangest Cars Ever

Февраль 1, 2017

Every day we meet a lot of different machines on the road. Some of them seem attractive to us. And, on the contrary, we do not like the others. But if the majority of modern cars have an attractive design that suits many motorists, there are vehicles that their terrible view affect our imagination. Do you like a certain type of car, but some of them you do not, whereas other people…


Steven Tyler and his Hennessey Venom GT Spyder.

Апрель 25, 2016

Hennessey Venom GT Spyde appeared in the garage of a cult rock musician Steven Tyler. The ex-lead singer of Aerosmith purchased the car in April this year. A middle motor make coupe has a  V8 engine for 6.2 liters with double turbocharging and 1200 horsepower which works in pair with six-gear mechanics.  Hennessey offers  Venom GT in two body variants: a coupe from 950 000 dollars and a cabriolet at…