Chevy Corvette Z06

The story of chevrolet corvette is full of high performance versions. One of most memorable is Corvette Z06. It has been one of the stars in corvette line-up. From last two generation Chevrolet has produced Z06 to satisfy drivers who want maximum fun out of their sports car. It has been exactly fifty years and the Corvette is still the object of desire of every sports lover. The 2015 Chevrolet Corvette Z06 returns with the seventh generation version. We bring you the first leaked images of new Z06 and juding by the pictures, we are sure nobody will be dissapointed with it.

It’s striking exterior in bright yellow goes virtually unnoticed when you look at details that differentiate the Stingray in those low extensions, carbon fiber rear spoiler and bulging bonnet under which at least 620 hp and 650 lb-ft V8 engine is hidden. Among other details are a wider, more aggressive front grille and a set of 20 or 21 inch wheels. The chassis of Corvette Stingray is fantastic and expect better results from Z06. The new Corvette Z06 will be revealed in detroit motor show which is just arount the corner.

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Chevy Corvette Z06


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