Choosing genuine spares parts for motorbike

One things about motorbike spares is that they should be genuine. Now for some manufactures like Ducati or MV Augusta spares parts can be very costly and for other manufacturers spare parts can be economical like Lexmoto which makes scooters and motorcycles ranging from 50 cc to 125 cc. One of my friend used to own a Yamaha RD 350 air cooled bike and he tried to compromise on one or two parts which were not genuine. For the next 200 kilometer the parts worked fine but then they suddenly start deteriorating the motorbike’s performance. Some people compromise on very essential ingredients like cheap engine oil, air filter, clutch plates etc. This not only reduce the performance of the motorbike but can also kill the engine.

parts  parts_1 parts_2  Parts_4

While buying the genuine parts, please note that all the accessories or spares are authorized and approved by the motorbike company. There are various ways to check authenticity of genuine spare parts. Check the authorized marking on spare parts box. Ask the company which parts available in the market they have approved. These specification can differ from types of motorbikes( depending upon there volume by the same manufacturer.


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