Citroen DL 5LS — made for china

Citroen is investing heavily in the Chinese market, especially with the models in the DS range, which will be more exclusive than C models. The latest addition is called the Citroen DS 5LS and will compete with Audi A3. The 4.7 meter long model is built on the same platform as the DS5 and will be built in China. According to Citroen new DS 5LS will offer plenty of space for rear passengers and high quality feel with lavish materials. Also available will be optional «air purifier» that clears away some of the dirty air that pollute many Chinese cities, sound systems from Denon, massage chairs and adjustable rear seats. The interior should feel more luxurious than in the cheaper C-models. Some details are recognizable from DS5.

Citroen has 50 so called «DS stores» in China that only sell models in the DS series. In April the new DS 5LS will be available at the dealer stores. According to Citroen design is reminiscent of classic DS from the 1950s. Citroen DS 5LS goes on sale in April with three petrol engines with 140, 160 or 200 horsepower. A six-speed automatic transmission is standard. It is unlikely that new DS 5LS be sold outside the Chinese market.

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