Dwayne «The Rock» Johnson Is A Real Auto Lover

The famous actor and a multiple world champion in wrestling Dwayne Johnson, better known as «The Rock», is very fond of luxury and fast cars. Especially, the star of «Fast and the Furious»  movie likes Ferarri LaFerrari hypercar.

The truth is because of big sizes of Dwayne, he just simply cannot get into the car, that’s it and he has to settle for large vehicles, and keep this beauty like a bird in a cage.

But when he saw the hypercar Pagani Huayra, then, without any hesitation, he took out a 2.8 million USD and bought a «wheelbarrow» in his numerous collections of cars. He called his new darling «God of the Winds» in English or «Quechua» in the language of the Indian tribe of the Incas.

More Photoes of «The Rock» you will be able to find below.




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