Felino CB7 — Supercar from canada with 525 horsepower

Canada has produced Formula one racers like Gilles Villeneuve and Jack Villeneuve, rally drivers like Andrew Comrie-Picard and Crazy Leo but was never known as a sports car country. Felino CB7 is the first supercar produced by the country. The car has already gained attention with its strange and hardly beautiful stance, but the fact is that the appearance has not been the key factor when the car was built. The focus is on the practical side. The car is designed to carry perfect weight distribution. The man behind this car is former race car driver and CEO of Felino Antoine Bessette. It took him three years to develop this odd yet interesting supercar

Felino CB7_2

The car is currently a prototype and will be on display when completed this summer. Currently the car weighs above 1100 kilograms but will weigh under 1000 kg when finished. Under the hood is 6.2 liter turbocharged V8 which develops 525 hp. Good news for purist is that it will be available in six-speed manual transmission and a perfect 50/50 weight distribution. The fist prototype was built with a four cylinder engine which was later replaced by a V8. Felino has made this product to sell in international market as well as Canada. It will cost approximately 100,000 US dollars when it reaches showrooms.

The video below shows the supercar on track and road while also performing donuts.


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