Ferrari 488 GTB — The worthy successor

Ferrari had always tried to make special and outstanding enjoyable cars since its inception. Sometimes they lag a bit behind the competition but since last few yers after the launch of 458 Italia, the Italian company had introduced remarkable sport cars and supercars. Ferrari 458 Italia was benchmark for the segment and higher segment as well. Ferrari further up the game by launching 458 Speciale which has a razor sharp performance and had once again
surprised the rivals.

Ferrari has now introduced 488 GTB, a replacement of 458 Italia. The new car is equipped with a smaller 3.9 liter V8 with twin turbochargers. Ferrari has introduced turbocharged power engine after few decades. The last most exciting car was F40. Ferrari 488 GTB has huge challenge from the cars it replaces and also the rivals which had debuted some super sensational machines this year like recently launched Porsche 911 GT3 RS.

The new Ferrari is very quick as a result of 100 more hp and 760 Nm(560 lb-ft) of torque delivered @3000 rpm. But this not the only new thing in the beautiful car. The systems are designed to keep the car well on track during extreme cornering. The brakes are the same unit carried from LaFerrari with smaller cross-section and provides amazing stopping power. 0-60 mph is conquered in 3.0 seconds and further 0-125 mph is conquered in 8.3 seconds which mental. It is a very very fast car. But, Is it a worthy successor of 458 Italia? To find out, watch the video reviews below by Chris Harris, Evo and Auto Express.


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Ferrari 488 GTB


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