Ferrari California T

Ferrari fulfilled their promised to reveal the new project car 149M today. The new sportscar will be called California T where «T» stands for turbo-charged. As mentioned before the model will be equipped with an engine borrowed from Maserati Quattroporte GTS. Ferrari has managed to increase the volume of the engine to 3855 cc as compared to 3799 cc in the Maserati. As a result it develops 560 hp and a significant 755 Nm (557 lb-ft) of torque. Due to increased performance 0-60 mph is acheived in 3.6 seconds and it has a top speed of 315 Km/hr(195.7 mph).

The new California T delivers 15 percent better fuel economy as compared to its predecessor and is now at 10.5 liter/100 km(22.4 mpg). It also emits 250 gm/km of CO2 emissions, thanks to start/stop system as standard equipment. Ferrari has upgraded the V8 engine with new crankshaft and intake system which makes it more potent than before. Ferrari has installed an upgraded chassis, new gearbox, new electronically adjustable shock absorbers and improved ceramic brakes. Ferrari has managed to trim the weight of California T and it now weighs 1625 kg(3582.5 pounds).

California T measures 4,570 mm, 1,910 mm and 1,322 mm in length,width and height respectively. The weight distribution is 47% on front axle and 53% to the rear. The front bears a clear family resemblance of F12 Berlinetta, 458 italia, LaFerrari and FF. Similar to the previous model it will be a hard top convertible. The interior has also received upgrades like a new 6.5 inch inch multi-media system with touch screen functionality. The new Ferrari California T is a significant enhancement over the previous model. With new turbo-charger and mechanical updates it is yet to be seen, how it performs against naturally aspirated V8.

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