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Let’s address history. Actually the official date of creation of a well-known car Mercedes-Benz G-Class is on February 10, 1979. For more than 30 years more than 200 copies of this legendary car descended from a conveyor of the Australian plant Magna Steyer belonging to Daimler A.G.

Mercedes-benz G-Class was developed as a military vehiclefrom a suggestion by the Mohammed Pakhlavi. Now this car is issued as W461 – a “military model”— and W463 – which is a “civilian version».

G-Wagen W461 is mostly bought by firecorps, police, army, aid corps, etc. . The price of a basic set of this model in Germany varies from 58 thousand euros. Despite the quite high cost, the provided model is used by the armies of Canada, Germany, the USA, Switzerland, Egypt, etc.

It is curious that the resale of the provided car to individuals is limited.

It is obvious that since 1979 not only the exterior view, but also the interior of Mercedes-benz G-Classhas considerably changed. To celebrate the G-wagen’s 20th birthday in 1999, Mercedes rolled out a special edition of the G500, called the G500 Classic.Despite the high price, cars of this limited series were bought instantly.

It can be said that Mercedes-Benz G-Class is a kind of indicator of the perfect taste and high social status of its owner. Such car is loved by women and it is envied by men.Due to these reasons Mercedes-Benz G-Class is desired.

Mercedes — Benz presented a new version of the offroadster Mercedes — Benz G-Class for our attention. The car got more powerful renew engines and also there was appearance upgrading. The presented make is able to accelerate to one hundred in 5,9 seconds. Wheel disks and bumpers of the offroadster were changed.

Mercedes-Benz has presented a new version of the roadster MercedesBenzG-Class. The model has got more powerful renewed engine and the appearance is upgraded as well. The car manages to accelerate to 100 in 5,9 seconds. The wheel discs and the bumper were also changed.

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