Honda S660 Mugen

Mugen, Honda’s sports division had not taken too long to present their version of Honda S660 roadster. The new sports car from honda is lightweight, rear-wheel drive, mid-engined and two seated. Mugen had integrated a new aerodynamic kit which includes a new front splitter, a modified air intake for passage to the rear wheel and a rear diffuser.  A new front hood, rear engine cover and front fenders with air outlets are also offered by honda tuning firm.

Honda S660 Mugen version

Also added are set of new grille and hardtop roof replacing the original canvas. Honda S660 Mugen is using a palette of unique colors to give distinguish finish to the body of S660. It also offers a set of new tires with different patterns and new brakes. Mugen also offers several exhaust designs. The interior receives a new housing along-with carbon fiber Knob, rear mirrors covers distinctive floor mats. The suspension, however, has no changes done and the power output remains at modest 64 hp.

Source: Mugen


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