Hyundai Tucson makes a stable comeback

If you want a comfortable car with combi-space, then Hyundai’s new crossover might be right suited for you. In European and few Asian markets, the previously known ix35 had gone back to original name Tuscon. This time, the car shows a clearer relationship to Santa Fe which is also named after a town in the southern United States. To begin with, it has grown up slightly compared to the outgoing model. Tucson is both longer, wider and higher. It has resulted in larger interior dimensions, with a more spacious interior and more legroom in the rear. It is easy to load luggage compartment measuring over a meter in width, and is respectable 513 liters with the rear seats in the upright position. The exterior has also taken a big leap forward. Design language feels cleaner with more distinct lines than the outgoing model. The increased length offers better balance in proportions and although the car is larger in all dimensions, it looks significantly less clumsy. The front has a large chrome grille in one piece just like Santa Fe and the new LED headlights sweep backward along the body.

Hyundai Tuscon sits high and looks great from the driver’s seat. The seats are comfortable, and it’s easy to quickly set up a sensible driving position with the electronic controls. The interior feels less plastic than its predecessor, although it has a way to go compared to best in class. The buttons on the dashboard are placed where they should be and trip computer according to Hyundai has become three times faster than before. It’s hard to tell, but there is no doubt that it had received an intellectual interface. The car has become not only more comfortable, it also has become safer. If you are trying to change lanes when a car is in your blind spot, you get a warning signal which turns out to work just fine. Hyundai has used automatic braking system for the first time in Tuscon. The engine is the only part of Tucson which is new from the ground up. It is a revised version of the one that sat in the ix35 and is blessed with a better torque. The best-selling diesel will deliver 185 horsepower. The car comes with four additional engine options. Besides two smaller diesel engines, you can get it with petrol engines with 135 and 176 horsepower. The top of the line diesel engine emits 170 gm/km of CO2. It is quiet and comfortable, whether you are driving on the gravel road, highway or in crowded city traffic. It is easy to drive a car that despite its height clings quite well around the curves. It sits high and looks great from the driver’s seat. The car runs silently and without any annoying vibrations. The spacious interior is characterized by a higher-quality feel than its predecessor. The ventilated seats are comfortable, and it’s easy to quickly set up a sensible driving position with the electronic controls. In addition, the legroom in the rear become slightly better than the last generation. Other list of equipment include efficient climate control, Steering wheel heating system, parking assistance, 19-inch wheels and multiple active safety systems. The infotainment system is easy to use with necessary connectors available for other devices. The previous generations car has been good for the price compared to competitors. It probably is true for the successor. The prices in the United Kingdom starts from 18,695 pounds. In that case, you get quite a lot of car for the money.

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Hyundai Tucson


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