Incredibly light Lotus exige S club racer

After the 20th special edition of lotus Elise, the British manufacturer shows another version of its production sports car, the radical lotus Exige S club racer. It weighs 15 kilograms(33 pounds) lighter than the Exige S and will be available in United Kingdom for 56,900 pounds or 77,100 euros which is 2400 pounds more than Exige «S» version.

Lotus had managed to reduce weight by fabricating lighter door, new sports seats, a new center console and light weight battery. It now weighs only 1161 kilograms (2560 pounds). Additionally, Lotus club racer incorporates better aerodynamic goodies like larger rear spoiler and an aggressive new enlarged front splitter which together generates 42 kilograms(92.50 pounds) of downforce at 160km/hr(99.4 mph).

Under the skin of this subtle sports machine is same 3.5 liter supercharged V6 engine from its previous iteration delivering 350 hp. It sprints 0-60 mph(0-100 Km/hr) in 4.0 seconds and possess top speed of 170.2 mph(274 Km/hr). The new model has a better throttle response with three modes driving modes(Drive, Sport and Racer). Lotus will manufacture only 25 units of this hardcore sports car.


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