Lamborghini Aventador J – Jota alias “Yota” – A collector’s car

Lamborghini had revealed its latest supercar Aventador Jota at Geneva motor show. It is a two seater roadster based on Aventador with open body, no roof or windshield. The structure is made of carbon fibre and aluminum. The engine is same as 6.5 liter V12 developing 700 bhp from Aventador.  Its super-fast ISR transmission, permanent all-wheel drive and push-rod suspension combine this potent power with the utmost handling precision. This is a unique piece of art and a technological marvel produced by the Italian firm. The name «J» is a tribute to the technical specifications of various kinds of competitions organized by the International Automobile Federation (FIA).

The Aventador J is 11 inches longer and 2 inches lower than Aventador. Instead of windshield, there are two small wind deflectors, each one for passenger and driver. Some interior coatings are made of flexible carbon fiber.  The rear of the Aventador J has a huge diffuser, four tailpipes and a large wing. The supercar comes with 20 inch wheels in front and 21 inch at rear, special bumpers, which create down force on each axle. Most of the equipments in Aventador J are carried from Aventador but it lacks air conditioning, stereo, navigation as it has to shed weight for ultimate driving experience.

Lamborghini had yet developed only one unit of this gorgeous roadster. It is developed to attain maximum speed of 300 kph (188 mph). According to Lamborghini this is the most uncompromised car in the entire company history making it an ultimate collector’s car.


Engine V-12, 48 valve
Displacement 6.5 liter
Bore x Stroke 95mm x 76.4 mm
Compression ratio 11.8:1
Emission Euro 5 — LEV 2
Power 700 bhp(515 KW)@8250 rpm
Torque 690 Nm(507 lb-ft)@5500 rpm
Transmission 7 speed automatic/manual
wheelbase 106.3 inches(2700 mm )
length 188.2 inches(4780 mm)
width 79.92 inches(2030 mm)
Height 44.72 inches(1136 mm)
Weight 1575 kilograms(3472 lb)
Fuel tank capacity 23.8 gallon(90 liters)
0-60 mph 2.9 seconds
Quarter mile 10.8 seconds approx.
Top speed 188 mph(300 kph)
Base price US $ 2.75 million (sold)



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