Lexus RC-F Coupe — Challenger to BMW M4

Lexus revealed it’s new RC Coupe at tokyo autoshow few months back. This coming week at detroit motor show, lexus will showcase the hardcore version of RC coupe with RC-F badge. Lexus RC-F will be direct challenger to BMW M4 . It was rumored for a long time that Lexus RC-F would get a hybrid drive, but instead it will carry 5.0-liter V8 engine under the hood. This will be the most powerful V8 so far by the japanese manafacturer. Lexus didnot reveal exact figures but it is assumed that the RC-F coupe will have 550 hp( 20 hp more than M4). Although the main rival to this performance coupe will be BMW M4, it will also compete with Mercedes C 63 AMG and Audi RS5.

The development team has taken inspiration from Lexus LFA(which is no longer manufactured). Among other things, it will be equipped with active rear wing, optional carbon fiber roof and LFA inspired sountrack system. The interior does not offer any major surprises, but looks pretty much like the rest of the RC models. Paddle shift is unique to the RC-F coupe. According to Lexus officials » Naturally aspirated V8 is the best engine for this car. We wanted the engine that could perform at both high and low speed. We looked at the hybrid power and may it will fit this car in near future. For the time being, the V8 is the best engine for RC-F «.

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