Mercedes S-class coupe is the new CL

Mercedes has showcased a delicious coupe version at Frankfurt Motor Show. The new S-class coupe will replace the current CL. The design of the coupe is largely based on new version of W222 S-class with few changes. The front is updated and resembles the CLA class. Nice sloping coupe line, recessed door handles, frame-less side windows and mirrors are cool design elements of Mercedes S-class coupe. The rear of the coupe has been given a proper update with new taillights. However it is still a concept and will be possibly toned down once Mercedes shows off the production ready car.

Inside, the S-Class Coupe feel sportier and even more special than the S-Class sedan. The digital instrument display and media system is still there, but the steering wheel has been replaced with a three-spoke design. Like the S-class sedan, Coupe has very interesting technology to enhance comfort and safety. These include Magic body control which focus on the road conditions ahead and adjust the suspension system. Mercedes S-class coupe has a 4.6 liter twin-turbo V8 with 455 hp and 700 Nm of torque. Along other models to be produced will be a diesel, Hybrid and AMG version of the S-class Coupe. The production ready version of S-class coupe will debut at Upcoming Detroit Motor Show.

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Mercedes S class coupe concept


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