Michael Schumacher seriously injured — in coma after Ski accident

New sources who have spoken yesterday evening claiming that Michael Schumacher — seven times world champion in Formula 1 is far more serious than previously thought. Schumacher hit his head during Skiing and taken to hospital, but is now said to be in a coma with brain hemorrhage and possibly life-threatening injuries.

Initially the accident was described as a minor. Michael Schumacher was wearing a helmet and got early help after the accident. He was skiing with his 14 year old son when he went off-side and got his head struck against rock. He was unconcious for a minute but came to his senses when he was taken to helicopter for medical help. After arriving at hospital during 13 O’clock, doctors assessed the injuries more serious than initially thought. The French neurologist specialist Gerard Saillant, who has dealt with Schumacher before, arrived at the hospital in the afternoon.

At 19:20 on Sunday evening it was announced that the state has worsened for the former F1 champion who underwent a neurological surgery in the afternoon. According to experts in the field, we have to wait and let the situation stabilized for at least two days before one makes an initial prediction for the outlook. What initially looks like a harmless concussion can then quickly switch to an acute and very dangerous situation. Blows to the head can also cause bleeding depending on where they occur in the brain. Without the proper blood supply, it can lead to nerve damage. Cerebral hemorrhage or subdural hematoma can lead to long rehabilitation. Younger people are more likely to be fully restored and Schumacher’s extremely good physique can also be a positive factor.

According to recent media reports, Michael Schumacher is sedated until further notice. Michael’s family alongwith his wife Corinna, son Mick and Daughter Gina are with him at the hospital. AutoWorldCar team is praying for Michael Schumacher’s good health and we wish that he celebrates his 45 birthday with his family in all his senses, which is on 3rd of January.

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