Michelin offers tire that gets better with time

It sounds like magic but Michelin claims they have developed a tire that get better grip as it wears down. At Detroit Motor Show, Michelin debut its Premier A/S tires with Ever Grip Technology which allows them to maintain and immediately improves their grip on wet road. According to Michelin, the new tires must be able to last upto 60,000 miles. The new product from Michelin will go on sale in United States in April,2014 followed by Europe and rest of the world.

Michelin premier All season tire

The tires have a high traction rubber compound and a different pattern that becomes wider when tires worn. The compund uses extreme amount of silica and Sun flower oil for stopping power and provide all weather grip. Underneath, there is also another layer that pops out when the first layer is worn out. Michelin will offer this tire in 32 sizes ranging from 185/65R15 – 245/45R18. These tires can be fitted on popular passenger cars like Nissan Altima, Toyata Camry and Ford Fusion. Watch out the video for more details.


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