MINI — Friend for life — Whoever you are

We have always aimed to present MINI not as a plain vehicle, but as a symbol. A symbol of integrity, security, care and support, a specific emblem for something so important, that there will hardly be a person who would be capable of imagining his life without this specific something. There are no difficulties in guessing, that this something is family, children, friendship, concern, happiness and love. The idea is that a Friend for Life will follow you every step of your way, being not only a symbolization of these values, but their materialization, as well. Mini could become your loyal partner in whatever enterpriseyou prefer to endeavor, whether it is in the search of benefit and social status or in the name of love. And every step of the way MINI is always there beside you. MINI is not just a car. This is a true friend and an assistant, MINI is almost a family member.

Of course, there are a lot of thing we symbolize in one way or another throughout our lives. We have many symbols to indicate family or our love and devotion towards our children, there are symbols for lovers, there are symbols for friends. Our intention is to position MINI as a symbol of lifelong friendship, which can hardly exist between human due to the numerous flaws of the human nature. But when it comes to MINI, everything is different. MINI is incapable of betraying your trust or letting you down in the middle of a decisive moment. For MINI it does not matter which social status you possess, on what field do you implement as an employee also as an individual. Whoever you are, MINI is always there by your side, whatever might happen. The new campaign of MINI — MINI: Friend for life, carries precisely this idea of ​​indispensability and inspiration, showing that some of the items can impersonate the things they symbolize even better, then the empirical things themselves.

We all dream to have a friend, which will never abandon us, which will stay by our side in whatever life might bring. Each an everyone of us have this image of a perfect friend, who is almost impossible to be met in existence, because a perfect friend usually possesses some traits, which are incompatible with a human being. For example, we dream of this friend being instantly available in every living second, being free of his own worries and problems, preferably do not even have those at all. So, here is MINI to fulfill your dreams. A friend we have always dreamed of, a friend like none other, irreplaceable, gentle, sensitive and attentive. After all, MINI might be just a piece of metal and wires with an engine inside, but it nevertheless has a huge heart, which beats for you, whoever you are.


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