New Shelby Super Snake with 750 horsepower

The latest generation of the iconic Ford Mustang brought numerous improvements over its predecessor including a higher dynamic behavior. Although a V8 engine with 415 hp is sufficient for most of mustang enthusiast, the famous Shelby company has tune the same engine to develop a monstrous 750 hp. The package is a delight for drag racers and power hungry auto-holics.

The relationship between Ford and retired racing driver Caroll Shelby began in early 60’s when he developed racing models based on 1964 mustang followed by Shelby Mustangs for street use. Ford Motor company and Shelby will continue to work together closely in future to produce super tuned cars based on the production version of American pony car.

The new mustang will be called Shelby Super Snake and comes with iconic logo. It will have a new cooling and exhaust system. According to the company, the car will sound exactly as you want it to be i.e. a way louder to suit its personality. Other changes includes new hood, rear spoiler, carbon fiber inputs all across the body, 20-inch wheels, large four-piston caliper brake units, sharpened suspension system and improved gearboxes(both manual and automatic).

The new Shelby super snake will be offered in two states of tunes. One will standard 650 hp and the other with a high-performance supercharger that produces 750 hp. Optionally available are inside roll cage and bucket seats with 5-point safety belts. Shelby will only produce 300 units and the Super Snake will be offered at starting price of 49,995 US dollars.

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2016 Shelby Super Snake




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