New Shelby Super Snake with 750 horsepower


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  1. For all of you making negative comments on this Super Snake, makes me think you’re jealous. Yes they should have said Shelby American. I would love to have one. No I’m not a Mario Andretti wannabe. And no I can’t afford one at this time. So for all of you so called experts out there, blow it out of your nose you’ll get more out of it.

  2. blah blah blah money money money. Same ole thing,

    Add boost to make it go, add brakes to stop it, add plastic to dress it like a toy and then write Shelby on it — Now charge another $50k to the already bloated cost and the rich boys will hae fun for a few weeks til they get bored again.

    But really — Someone educated should proof these articles.

  3. Have to agree,article is full of misinformation. Car cost is 75k-100+k. You have to buy a GT Mustang first.
    Plus, don’t understand what the Big news is anyway. The 2005 Super Snake also delivered 750 hp. Unfortunately, Ford continues to use 60’s technology. The car has rear wheel power only. Basically, in a race against anyone. Lets take the Ford Focus RS,40-50K. While they are down the track, you’re still spinning and burning up your $400-500 each wheels.

  4. I can’t believe they are even thinking about remotely coming close to calling this a mustang. Its like look at the new Camero, look at the rear end of it at the right angle and it looks like the newer model mustang. Now you got this what ever you want to call it, look at the rear end of a 2005 Dodge Magnum and ya…. Someone designing these cars need to go back and look at some pictures and cars from like the 60’s. Now those were mustangs. At least when they passed you and you looked in your rear view mirror, YOU KNEW WHAT KIND OF CAR IT WAS. Now your gonna go wow was that a ford mustang or dodge magnum. Just because you stick a couple 3 lens tail lights on the rear end of a car, DOES NOT MAKE IT A MUSTANG!!!! You can give it all the H.P. you want and it still does not make it a MUSTANG!!!! These are the worst piss poor excuse of a Mustang I’ve ever seen… Just saying!!! I wouldn’t own one of these if they GAVE it to me for FREE in my favorite color.. I would be to confused on what I was driving, a Mustang or a Dodge….

  5. Being a Chevy Man from the late 60’S It is good to see Ford Motor Company is finally making high horsepower & torque both are needed, it started with the late version Boss 302, 450 HP at 7200 RPM not bad for 302 CI.

    I would be interested in seeing the 1/4 Mile ET & Speed, 750 HP with a guess at the weight of the Mustang should put it in the low 11 second ET around the 125 MPH range.

    Going back to the muscle car days only 1 caar made it into the high 12 Second range, the 1971 450 CID 450 HP Chevelle.

    I think is it funny how it took years for manufacturers & engineers about 44 years to only learn what engine builders knew in the 60’S
    to make good Horsepower, High Flowing Heads, good camshaft
    profiles, Bore to stroke ratio, Stroke to Rod length ratio and more
    important High Compression, (Volumetric efficiency).

    To the two replies:

    Just what we need — a 750 hp car. Like our highway infrastructure isn’t already clogged with idiots who are Mario Andretti wanna bees.

    I guess you think you are a much better driver than the wanna bees,
    I doubt it!

    Yeah, just what we need, another $75k dollar car the common public won’t be able to afford.
    Bottom of the story adverts STARTING (base) Price $49,995 in reality it will be $75,000 loaded.

    What is the difference of what the price is? the price of any automobile is Not hurting any car buyer/owner, only Ford Motor Company if they can’t sell it, it only hurts you as more than likely can’t afford a $25,000

  6. This is Addressed to James and Derek, one, Carol Shelby may be dead, but records and plans are not… and if someone has the money to buy one of these, ( I can only Dream), they will take care of it, and hopefully have the brains to use the engine where it is appropriate…. with hopefully no road rage… I can ride along in my dreams…

  7. The only way to make a Rustang go fast is to drop it out of a plane.
    Unless they did significant work to the body, diff, suspension, transmission, oh and the rest of the car, it will behave like one of today’s teens on the highway. (that means one of the little jerks you want to slap for misbehaving)
    Again, horsepower is not the stat that gearheads are concerned with: Torque is king. Most roads in America, not counting 66, will not even let this car get close to the true power band unless you leave it in first gear.
    Enough said…American Ford is terrible

  8. Look out Chevy here comes FORD.. It is nice to see the Shelby name still used with pride by Ford Motor Company.. As a Ford Mustang addicted man I just love that car.. Also as a prototype automotive mechanic I have actually seen one of the Mustangs in person. The 750 HP is going to take charge of the road ( Be Safe ) Anyway Ford thanks for a masterpiece.. You’re always on top!

  9. I wish that I still have my 1966 Gold Metal flake Mustang. I really miss it. I would love to have one of these new ones but I’m sure It would cost a hell of a lot more than The $4,000 I paid for mine in 1966.

  10. I owned A 1968 SHELBY GT 500 it was a ride I think about to this day it was American Muscle at a time in history we shall never see again this version However Hands down is a pure American ICON it is a feast to behold and my sense a beast on the Asphalt … sign me up for one of these

  11. With so few of these, the dealers who get one will sell it by auction, I suspect you wouldn’t be able t buy one for less than $100,000. The local dealer where I live had a 2005 Ford GT in the showroom, the final cost was $300,000, and I have never seen the car since, and I drive a lot in the area.
    Lots of people with more money than sense out there. And to those worried about «some idiot» driving this car on the road and causing mayhem, relax, 99% of the buyers will park the car in a garage and never drive it, they are buying it for the appreciation the car will have, not to drive it…

  12. Do I like the car? YES! Would I like to have one? YES again! Am I willing to pay that much money for one? NO! I’ve always liked Mustangs although I’ve never owned one… an SUV «fits» my lifestyle better than a Mustang, a Camero, or similar such cars would. That said… such an automobile «begs the question»… should such a vehicle with the capability of blowing past any speed limit out there on any American highway with just a «tap» on the accelerator — be «legal» to drive on public highways and streets??? A ‘»common-sense», pragmatic answer to that question is «NO»!

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