New Nissan Micra — Considerably enhanced

The fourth generation Micra was launched in Europe in late 2010 and as it is now time to upgrade the model. More than a facelift, says Nissan on its upgraded Micra. Better materials, more features, higher equipment level and partially redesigned to attract customers who are not satisfied with a simple budget car. The facelift on the Micra includes new front bumpers and bonnet. The main headlights are also new and grill links to other Nissan models.

On the outside, we also note new tire models in 15 and 16 inch, new rear bumper and LED technology rear lights. Two new colors will be added as an alternative to the eight options that already existed for the small car. Micra is Nissan’s third best selling model in Europe after the Qashqai and Juke. On the inside we find more lavish fabrics, new instrument panel and a new center console. The optional navigation system has large 5.8 inch screen which has «eco-routing» system. It map the route which is probably the most efficient route to your destination. Few google services like forecast, warning of speed limits, clear environmental images that will facilitate finding the right exit and flight information are available onboard. Another option available is parking aid that can measure the length of parking space in advance and indicate whether it is possible to parallel park. How clever you are receiving park adjuster can be set, from novice to expert.

Nissan has not changed powertrains which means 1.2 liter 3 cylinder engine is available in two options developing 100 and 80 hp respectively. The 80 hp engine deliver a CO2 emmision of 95 g/km. The superchaged engine developing 100 hp is only the fun option available in this small car. Five-speed manual transmission is standard, but you can choose optional CVT transmission. Upgraded Nissan Micra will be available to customers in autumn, 2013.

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2013 nissan micra


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