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Lagonda from Aston Martin

Aston Martin Lagonda — The world most expensive luxury car

The new Aston Martin Lagonda is created by special projects department. The same team is responsible for Vulcan and Vantage GT12. Only 200 units will be produced of this Ultra Luxury car. The body is made of carbon fiber and built by hand at Aston Martin’s headquarters in Gaydon. The car will be tailored to suit customers requirement. Under the hood is the same 6.0-liter V12 engine found in Raphide S….

Opel Astra 2016

All new 2016 Opel Astra

2016 Opel Astra is new from inside out. The overall dimensions are reduced, yes you heard it right. The length is reduced by 490 mm and wheelbase is 200 mm shorter. A new model will be shorter than its predecessor, is something of a trend with Opel. Company official states that reduction is in line with company core values.»It’s all about efficiency. A car should weigh as little as possible…

confederate P51 combat fighter

Confederate G2 P51 Combat Fighter

The American Confederate Motors has lifted the veil from second generation of its P51 Combat Fighter. It is inspired by the first model but with some reference to the recent X132 Hellcat. This bike is the last effort of Pierre Terblanche who will migrate to Royal Enfield. The G2 P52 combat fighter where G2 stand for the second generation, proudly flaunts 56-degree V-twin engine with a displacement of 2163 cc. The…

Aventador SV roadster

Lamborghini Aventador SV Roadster

The roofless SuperVeloce version of Aventador was recently unveiled. Like its hardtop sibling, it has a 6.5 liter V12 that delivers 650 hp and 690 Nm of torque under the hood. The machine is a beast and one of the fastest production roadster in the world. The Lamborghini Aventador SV Roadster weighs 50 kg less than the Aventador LP700 and only 50 kg more than the Lamborghini Aventador SV coupe….

c-class coupe

2016 Mercedes C-class coupe is official — pictures, facts and video

The German brand, Mercedes-Benz has released on the Internet its latest coupe for 2016. A long-awaited model to beat segment main rivals, the BMW 4 Series Coupe and Audi A5. The design lines are based on S-Class Coupe which is a positive aspect, as the big brother possess good credentials. With an elegant design but at the same time with sporty traits, we expect this coupe to put successful sales…

iphone brake pads porsche 911

iPhone used as brake pads on a Porsche 911

There is a reason why the brake pads of automobiles are made with materials that provide high braking power and at the same time a long life. The YouTuber EverythingApplePro knows it, but they wanted to perform a crazy experiment on a Porsche 911 replacing the brake pads with the iPhone. For precision, they have used four iPhone 4S mounted on rear callipers and four iPhone 5S mounted in front….

2015 Hyundai Tucson

Hyundai Tucson makes a stable comeback

If you want a comfortable car with combi-space, then Hyundai’s new crossover might be right suited for you. In European and few Asian markets, the previously known ix35 had gone back to original name Tuscon. This time, the car shows a clearer relationship to Santa Fe which is also named after a town in the southern United States. To begin with, it has grown up slightly compared to the outgoing model….


Volvo buys tuning firm Polestar

Volvo and Polestar have worked in motorsport since 1996 and in recent years have jointly developed the Polestar versions of Volvo cars. Volvo Cars are now buying 100 percent of the Swedish performance car company. Polestar will be used as a model name for high-performance versions. Driving a Volvo Polestar is a special experience. We want to make that experience available to more Volvo drivers and therefore Volvo’s total resources will…

Bentley continental GT speed breitling jet team series

Bentley continental GT Speed Jet team series built exclusively with Breitling

Breitling is a brand of watches closely linked with the world of aviation. So much so that their watches were first to feature a dual frequency integrated emergency beacon, which in case of accident can throw a warning and guide the location to rescue operations. Bentley and Breitling are intimately linked, together they have developed desk clocks, watches and some exclusive car products. Now Bentley has announced a very special edition…


Delicious Audi TTS tuned by ABT has 60 more horsepower

It is one of the characteristics of human beings to evolve and improve, something that is directly reflected in the automotive world and is much emphasized in the field of tuning. ABT presents its latest creation for those who want something more than fun loving Audi TTS. The souped-up sports car has an extra 60 hp and 80 Nm of torque. An aggressive ABT style body kit is slammed to…

2016 Renault Talisman

Renault Talisman is official — Replaces Laguna

The fourth generation Laguna will not be manufactured, instead a new model will replace it. The Renault had decided to change the successor name to Talisman. It is probably to start over with a clean slate and boost sales. The name Talisman was taken from the luxury concept displayed at Frankfurt Motor Show few years ago. Unlike the concept car, which had gullwing doors, Talisman will be a four-door sedan. The…

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